8 Signs You Are Turning into Your Mother ...


8 Signs You Are Turning into Your Mother  ...
8 Signs You Are Turning into Your Mother  ...

Listen, it’s not something you want to talk about, and it’s not something that you would ever admit to yourself, but the fact is that you are going to turn in to your mother, as we all do! You can fight against it as hard as you want, but this old phenomenon always catches up with you in the end! Here are eight classic signs that you are definitely turning into your mother!

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food, dish, cuisine, meal, eating, All of a sudden, your primary goal, whenever you have people round, is to make sure that they are fed to within an inch of their lives!



public space, market, marketplace, You have started to keep things when you know they should be thrown away; the first sign of motherly hoarding!


Night in

photograph, black and white, human hair color, monochrome photography, beauty, Instead of hitting the club and dancing ‘til 5am, your idea of the perfect night now involve staying in and going to bed early!


Bag Snacks

muscle, girl, song, You keep a snack or two in your bag, so you are always ready if you feel a hunger pang, or if someone that you are with expresses the need for a cereal bar or a piece of candy!



hair, human hair color, blond, hairstyle, girl, You can’t sleep at night unless the friend you have spent the evening with texts you when they get home to let you know they got back safe and sound!


Huge Handbag

, Your bag of choice has gone from a cute little clutch to an over the shoulder so big that even Mary Poppins would be envious!


Comfort Shoes

footwear, blue, shoe, sneakers, purple, You no longer go for what is the most fashionable shoe; you go for what is the most comfortable!


No Waste

room, home appliance, furniture, interior design, flooring, No piece of food every gets thrown in the trash anymore. Instead it gets placed into one of your many Tupperware boxes, and is put in the fridge!

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