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8 Signs You Might Be a Crazy Cat Lady ...

By Leena

Many women fear that if they don't meet "the one," they will grow up and become a "crazy cat lady" some day. Before I started a family, I had a cat who was my baby. I loved her like she was my child, and it broke my heart when I had to find her a new home. But you don't have to be old and alone to be a crazy cat lady. Here are some signs you might already be a feline fanatic.

1 You Own a Cat (or Two. or Three)

You can't be a crazy cat lady without having a cat. We usually think of a crazy cat lady as having many cats, but you can be just as crazy over one special kitty. Whether you have one or a dozen, owning a cat makes you one step closer to being a cat-aholic.

2 Your Cat Has a Facebook Page

Only a crazy cat lady would create social media pages for her feline friends. If you think of your cat more like a human than an animal, you might think they need a Facebook page. If so, you might be a little crazy.


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3 Your Cat Sleeps with You

It's normal for cat owners to snuggle with their cats. But some would argue that letting your cat sleep with you in your bed is a little strange. Regardless, if your sheets are a little fluffier from your feline companion, you could be well on your way to living the life of a crazy cat lady.

4 You Dress Your Cat up

Do you get excited around Halloween and Christmas because you know you'll be able to get a cute costume for your cat? Yeah, that's a little crazy. You might be a crazy cat lady if you have a collection of cat costumes.

5 You Have Professional Photos of Your Cat

Does your cubicle at work have a framed photo of little Whiskers? Did you hire a photographer to snap some shots of your furry friend? Only a crazy cat lady would have professional photos of her cat.

6 You Take Your Cat with You Everywhere

It doesn't matter if you're going shoe shopping, hitting the farmer's market, or just running out to pick something up. Your kitty is coming with you. You want to spend as much time as possible with your wittle baby. You know why? Because you are a crazy cat lady.

7 You Base Your Social Life around Your Cat

You decide not to go out with your girls because your cat is sick. You choose to stay inside on the 4th of July to comfort your cat, who is afraid of fireworks. If you plan your social life around how your cat is doing, you're definitely entering crazy cat lady territory.

8 You Throw Your Cat a Birthday Party

What kind of owner would you be if you didn't celebrate your cat's birthday? Of course you are throwing them a party! Of course you are baking them a (cat friendly) cake. Of course you are inviting the neighborhood cats! Of course you are a crazy cat lady!

It's one thing to have a cuddly cat companion. It's quite another to be obsessed with your kitty and be crazy about the life you provide for them. Are you on the verge of being a crazy cat lady?

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