Silliest Celebrity Vines You Have to See at Least Once ...


There are some pretty awesome celebrity vines out there. Even though these singers and actors are famous, they're capable of acting just as silly as us 'normal' people do. It's amazing how much action you can pack into a few seconds. The best part is that all of these videos combined will only take up a few minutes of your day. You might as well set a little time aside to watch these silly celebrity vines:

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Josh Peck

Josh Peck was hysterical as a kid on The Amanda Show, and he hasn’t lost his sense of humor. If you were a huge fan of Drake and Josh, you’ll remember the famous liar-truther interaction between them. In this video, they reenact the scene, twisting it just a bit. This is one of the most impressive celebrity vines out there, because it features two sexy stars and an inside joke most people will get.


Tyler the Creator

Even if you're not a fan of him, this video should make you laugh. It's super corny and ridiculous, but that's what makes it so funny. Even if you're not a fan of physical comedy, his face at the end will get you smiling. He sounds so darn dramatic that it's hard not to laugh a little.


Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy takes advantage of the way vine videos loop. He starts his video with words that fit perfectly with the ending of the video. You can watch it over and over again in order to see the genius of his idea. Even if you don't find this funny, it gives you a chance to admire the cuteness of Jimmy.


Joe Jonas

You've all seen the 'stars are just like us' articles in magazines and websites. Most of the time, the comparisons are absolutely ridiculous. Joe makes fun of this in his video, and both of his brothers are incorporated into it. It shows them eating salad, owning a backpack, and simply walking away. It sounds boring, but the video is entertaining as can be.


Tyra Banks

Tyra stopped making videos for a while, but she's recently returned. In all of her videos, she looks gorgeous, which is a given. In this one, she makes a bunch of puns on the word 'vine.' It's a relief to see someone so famous and so beloved act so crazy. Her videos show how human she is.


Harry Styles

Harry takes advantage of editing in his videos. In this one, along with a few others, he and his bandmates ride around and do tricks on a scooter. Whether or not you're a fan of One Direction, you have to admit that he's a cutie.


Jennette McCurdy

It’s impossible to pick one of Jennette’s vines, because every single one is golden. She makes fun of the differences between men and women, she pokes fun at herself, and sings as much as she can. If you weren't a fan of her before, these clips will change the way you look at her. The dialogue that she comes up with is pretty impressive.

It's pretty incredible how much can occur in only a few seconds. Since we have such short attention spans, these short little videos are the perfect way to relax a little. What's your favorite vine video of all time?

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