Sweep Him off His Feet with the Sweetest Silliest Compliments ...


If you want to praise your partner or best friend, you should do so with silly compliments. That way, you'll make them feel better about themselves, but will also give them a laugh. It's never a bad time to tell someone how much you care about them. Here are some silly compliments that you should give your loved ones ASAP:

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If I Kept Track of Every Time I Thought about You, the List Would Be as Long as Rapunzel's Hair. with Extensions

There's no better way to tell someone that they're always on your mind. If you can't stop thinking about that special someone, you might as well let them know. Instead of having a serious conversation with them about how much you care, this is one of the silly compliments that can make light of the situation.


Talking to You is My Favorite Part of the Day. Aside from when I'm Sleeping. and when I'm Eating

Everyone knows that it's impossible to enjoy life more than when you're tucked into bed or have a chocolate bar tucked into your hand. Being third best isn't so bad. It's actually a pretty good compliment.


I Can't Imagine My Life without You. and I Have a Very Active Imagination

If you spend your evenings daydreaming about becoming a famous singer and french kissing Ed Sheeran, but you can't imagine life without your friend, that's pretty special. Never let them forget how much they mean to you.


If I Were a Magician, I'd Never Make You Disappear. Because That Body Should Never Be Hidden

It's boring to simply call someone 'cute' or 'hot.' Spice things up by using this compliment. It's something they'd never expect.


Your Face Makes Other People Look Ugly

If there's one thing people like better than being called pretty, it's being called prettier than everyone else. This compliment lets them know that they're number one in your book.


I Can Never Remember My Dreams, but I Assume You're Always in Them

Use this line even if your dreams are typically about dinosaurs or space travel. They don't have to know that. It's something that you can keep to yourself.


I Only Feel Comfortable around You. You're like Human Sweatpants

What's more fun than lounging around in your baggy sweatpants? That's right, nothing. This is one of the highest compliments one can receive.


If We Were the Last Two People on Earth, the World Would Become Populated Pretty Quickly

This is a unique way of telling someone that you'd love to have their babies. Since it's said in a joking fashion, it shouldn't scare them away. For now.


You're so Sexy That Children Can't Look at You without Parental Supervision

There's no reason to give bland, boring compliments when you can use this one on the gorgeous men and women in your life. If this doesn't make them feel amazing, then nothing will.

It's important to tell your loved ones how amazing they are, so that they never forget it. Make sure that you take the time to tell at least one person in your life how special they are, either by giving them one of these compliments or creating one of your own. What's the strangest compliment that you've ever been given?

Source: dailyoddcompliment.tumblr.com

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it made me laugh... :-) lol.


I will use these this year in college(: lol

I'm so gonna use this on mine ahahha

Pretty stupid actually.

I'm gonna use these!

Hehehe! Super! ^_^

Wow.. So cute..;)

Some of these quotes if I use them my boyfriend would be like "what are you implying?" So that just went out the window of being cute.

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