9 Silly Ornaments to Decorate Your Tree with ...


This year, there are some unbelievably silly Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree with that you can buy from stores near you. You don't want to throw some tinsel and lights on your tree without adding a bit of humor to the branches. If you don't want your tree to be just like everybody else's, you have to add something special. Some silly Christmas ornaments are just the thing you need to stand out from your neighbors. Here are a few of the weirdest ones you could buy:

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Bitten Gingerbread Man

Bitten Gingerbread Man $20 at luulla.com
We bake adorable little gingerbread men and add faces to them, but then we gobble them right up. This ornament is an accurate representation of those poor little creatures after we take a few bites of their delicious flesh. Although it seems a tad depressing, this is one of the silly Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree with if you want your guests to talk.


Mustache Madness

Mustache Madness $19 at cherrybombed.com
If you love mustaches as much as you love puns, then this ornament belongs on your tree. It's not too flashy, so it won't stand out and take attention away from all of your other wonderful decorations. However, when someone spots it, you'll be able to tell by their laughter.


Fishermen Trends

Fishermen Trends $13 at ebay.com
Here's a gift for the fishermen in your life. It's an ornament that shows how thoughtful you are to buy them something that concerns their favorite hobby, but it also shows that you have a sense of humor.


Amazing Minions

Amazing Minions $7 at target.com
Are you a fan of Despicable Me? If you are, then you know how much these adorable little guys can make you squeal. Having them on your tree is sure to put a smile on your face each time you pass it.


Holiday Darth Vader

Holiday Darth Vader $7 at target.com
It's hard to imagine such an evil creature with a Santa hat on, but here he is. Hey, at least it matches his lightsaber.


Dangerous Zombies

Dangerous Zombies $10 at neatorama.com
If you're obsessed with zombies, like most people in this century are, then you need some gore on your tree. These ornaments are perfect because they're super creepy, but aren't too inappropriate that they'll scare children.


Very Good

Very Good $14 at zazzle.com
No matter how nice you are, it's hard to be good all year long. I mean, you're bound to slip up every once in a while. That's why you need an ornament like this. It's to remind Santa that every second shouldn't count.


Caught Naked

Caught Naked $22 at etsy.com
Mr. Clause has some explaining to do. He's human, just like everybody else, so he has needs, but no one needs to see him in his birthday suit.


Random Ravioli

Random Ravioli $9 at amazon.com
If you're a fan of ravioli, nothing's stopping you from decorating your tree with some. It sounds and looks bizarre, but hey, you should do whatever makes you happy. If you want to cover your tree in food inspired ornaments, then feel free to do so.

When you decorate your Christmas tree this year, don't feel like it has to be a super serious activity. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so if you want to hang up some ridiculous ornaments to give some variety to the tree, go for it. What's the strangest ornament that you own?

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