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If you're a fashionista, you don't really need any tips to encourage you to splurge, but some extra pieces of shopping advice can never hurt. It's hard to resist a trip to the mall when you know just how many amazing pairs of jeans and shoes are in store for you. While you shouldn't spend your food money on clothing and end up starving, you shouldn't hold yourself back from buying some of the latest fashions either. Here are some silly pieces of shopping advice that might actually make you feel better about your buying habits, and even inspire you to expand your closet:

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Can't Quit

Can't Quit You wouldn't quit school or your job, would you? If not, then why would you quit shopping? It might make your Chanel wallet a little lighter, but it'll make your smile wider. One of the best pieces of shopping advice is that you can never have too many clothes. You might mistakenly think it's time to put the credit card away, but a pair of perfect boots will always change your mind.


Money Maker

Money Maker If you're going to waste your money on material items, they might as be ones that you love staring at. Even if your bank account says you're dirt poor, your closet will say otherwise. I mean, would you rather have a nice new car or a dozen of the same colored shirts?


Don't Be a Bore

Don't Be a Bore Think about how long the universe has existed. In comparison, your life is so incredibly brief. You might as well make the most of it by dressing to impress. Go all out, and wear what you love. Nothing's stopping you, but the cashier.


Cruel Comfort

Cruel Comfort Unfortunately, all of the cutest shoes are the painful ones. It's the price we have to pay for beauty. Even though your new heels will hurt, the way they match your favorite dress is worth the hardship. I mean, would you rather have someone point out how cute your shoes look or how comfy they look?


Forever Fashionable

Forever Fashionable You don't have to save your best outfits for wedding days and graduation parties. You can dress splendidly all year round if you feel like it. Even if you're simply heading to the shop for groceries, you can put on boots and a skirt. Fancy clothing is certainly not required for mundane tasks, but if you prefer dressing up, go for it.


Superior Shopper

Superior Shopper Never cut those tags off, ladies. If you don't like your new outfit, head back to the store to find something that's a better fit. That's the beauty of shopping. You get to choose whatever you'd like, and most of the time, you can even return it.


Superficial Shoes

Superficial Shoes If you're obsessed with bags and boots and all things fashionable, don't feel guilty. There's nothing wrong with being a bit materialistic. Everybody has their hobbies. If yours is shopping, embrace it. If anyone teases you about it, they're probably just jealous over your fabulous style.

As much as we'd love to save up our money for the future to be responsible individuals, it's hard to resist a good shoe sale. We'd all be beautiful in rags, but it's much more fun to splurge on expensive dresses and jeans. What's your favorite item of clothing hanging up in your closet?

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Lol I don't know whether to cringe or nod. For some reason these tips come off as sarcastic to me. 😬

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