Silly but Stylish Shopping Advice Every Fashionista Should Follow ...

If you're a fashionista, you don't really need any tips to encourage you to splurge, but some extra pieces of shopping advice can never hurt. It's hard to resist a trip to the mall when you know just how many amazing pairs of jeans and shoes are in store for you. While you shouldn't spend your food money on clothing and end up starving, you shouldn't hold yourself back from buying some of the latest fashions either. Here are some silly pieces of shopping advice that might actually make you feel better about your buying habits, and even inspire you to expand your closet:

1. Can't Quit

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You wouldn't quit school or your job, would you? If not, then why would you quit shopping? It might make your Chanel wallet a little lighter, but it'll make your smile wider. One of the best pieces of shopping advice is that you can never have too many clothes. You might mistakenly think it's time to put the credit card away, but a pair of perfect boots will always change your mind.

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