If These Silly Quotes about Stress Don't Calm You down, Nothing Will ...

When you're overwhelmed with work, chores, and family problems, you should cheer yourself up with some silly quotes about stress. You don't want your worries to build up until you're unable to function. Instead of crying over your issues, you should try to find a way to laugh at them. Here are some silly quotes about stress that will help you feel better after a rough day:

1. Turn It around

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There's a reason "stressed" is spelt the way that it is. When you're overwhelmed with everything that life is throwing at you, you need to relax with some chocolate. Don't feel guilty about cheating on your diet by indulging in your favorite snacks. After a long day, you deserve it, which is why this is one of the silly quotes about stress you should remember. It gives you permission to eat that one last cookie.

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