If These Silly Quotes about Stress Don't Calm You down Nothing Will ...


When you're overwhelmed with work, chores, and family problems, you should cheer yourself up with some silly quotes about stress. You don't want your worries to build up until you're unable to function. Instead of crying over your issues, you should try to find a way to laugh at them. Here are some silly quotes about stress that will help you feel better after a rough day:

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Turn It around

Turn It around There's a reason "stressed" is spelt the way that it is. When you're overwhelmed with everything that life is throwing at you, you need to relax with some chocolate. Don't feel guilty about cheating on your diet by indulging in your favorite snacks. After a long day, you deserve it, which is why this is one of the silly quotes about stress you should remember. It gives you permission to eat that one last cookie.


Doggie Role Models

Doggie Role Models Can you fix the problem that you're stressed over? If you can, then do so. If you can't, then walk away from it. There's no sense in worrying about something that you can't control. Learn a lesson from your favorite furry friends and leave it in your past.


Only Negatives

Only Negatives Stress shouldn't burn calories, which means there's no positive effect of worrying. Try your best to relax, because stress will only make you sick. You don't want to tire out your mind and body by freaking out over the small things, so take a breather and watch Netflix. It's healthy to occupy your mind with happy things so that your immune system doesn't suffer and give you a cold.


Awful Office Space

Awful Office Space If you're lucky, you love your job. If you're in the majority, you can't wait to get a new job. Work can be stressful, especially when you're stuck in the same little cubicle all day long, preforming pointless tasks. Don't worry, because if you work hard enough, you can always get a new career.


Clothing Change

Clothing Change Small things can make your stress fly out the window. When you're dressed in uncomfortable clothing, you might start to feel uncomfortable. That's why you should change into cozy clothes as soon as you can. When your body's at rest, your mind will follow. So kick off those heels and slide into your slippers.


Poisonous People

Poisonous People While you can't go around killing people, you can remove poisonous people from your life. If a friend or boyfriend keeps ruining your day, stop contacting them. You aren't required to be friends with everyone you meet. If someone makes you feel miserable, stay far away from them.


End the Stress

End the Stress Stress is like a horrible boyfriend that you want to break up with. He won't leave you alone and bothers you about stuff that you wish you didn't have to deal with. You can't send stress a breakup text, but you can find ways to remove it from your life. Don't keep living with weight on your shoulders. Relax.

We've all dealt with stress at one time or another. It's not fun, but it's a big part of life. Once one stressful event is over with, another one will come along. That's why you need to find healthy ways to deal with it. What do you usually do to reduce your stress?

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