7 Silly Things You'll Put up with when You're in Love ...

There are ridiculous things you’ll put up with when you’re in love. Your partner is perfect for you, so there’s no way you’ll leave them over such small matters. You’ll take them, flaws and all. Relationships come with plenty of positives, but there are silly things you’ll put up with when you’re in love.

1. Severe Snoring

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You love to snuggle in bed with them, but you wish your pillowcase came with earplugs. If they fall asleep before you do, you’re stuck listening to their obnoxious snores. If you’re lucky enough to drift off to dreamland first, their noisiness might wake you up in the middle of the night. Snoring is hard to deal with, especially when it’s occurring right next to your ear. Of course, it’s one of the things you’ll put up with when you’re in love.

2. Fewer Items of Food

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You bought an entire pint of ice cream with the intention of eating it all yourself. However, your partner has the nerve to make an entire bowl for himself. As hungry as you are, you decide to let him have his snack. Sharing is caring, after all, and he’s all you care about.

3. Stuck with Their Shows

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You force your partner to watch your favorite shows, so it’s only right that you should sit through theirs. Whether it entails horrible writing, oversexualized characters, or actors who can’t act, you’ll watch it. You might even end up loving it, because your partner’s passion for it will rub off on you.

4. Hair Everywhere

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Whenever you shave, you make sure to clean up after yourself. However, your partner doesn’t mind clogging the drain with his beard hair. Since he won’t clean it up, you’re stuck dealing with it all. You hate those pesky hairs, but you love what he looks like clean shaven, so it’s all worth it.

5. Sour Singing

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You love hearing their adorable voice squeak when it hits high notes, but not all the time. When your favorite song pops on, you want to hear the singer’s voice, not your honey’s screeching. As adorable as he looks dancing to "Talk Dirty," you just wish he’d keep quiet when Jason Derulo came on. But either way, you love the idiot.

6. Bad Bathroom Behavior

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Leaving the seat up is a minor inconvenience, but it's so easy for him to fix, which is why it's so frustrating. Plus, he always leaves an empty piece of cardboard in the holder instead of replacing the toilet paper. Not to mention the smells...

7. Inconvenient Interruptions

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You have work to get done, and you're in full concentration mode. You'll be able to finish everything in a few hours if you just keep your mind on the task. Of course, when all you want to do is be productive, your partner wants a kiss. Or to distract you with some funny new story. Oh well. Work can wait.

There are things you wish your partner didn't do, but you'll love them no matter what. The little things that they do to annoy you is what part of what makes them the person you fell for, so why would you want them to change? What's the most annoying thing that you put up with, all because you love your mate so much?

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