Get Silly when You Need to to De-Stress and Relax ...

When you're swamped with work, there are silly ways to de-stress alone or with your friends. You don't have to go for a mile run or scream into a pillow in order to feel better. There are some other methods you can try that are a little more ridiculous, but work just as well. Here are some of the silly ways to de-stress after a tough day:

1. Laughter Yoga

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Yes, this is actually a real thing that people pay to try out. We all know that laughter can cause us to relax and is super healthy for our bodies and minds. That's why this is one of the silly ways to de-stress when you're in a bad mood. Check out the video posted above to watch the famous Youtubers Dan and Phil as they show you all of the different ways to practice laughter yoga.

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