17 Life Situations 🌎 Where You Can't 🚫 Let Your Social Awkwardness 😔 Get in the Way ...


No matter how socially awkward you are, there are moments when you simply have to roll up your sleeves, pull on your big girl panties, and act like you're actually cool, confident, and perfectly capable of acting like a fully functional adult. It is surprisingly hard to do this. The socially awkward struggle is real so that even seemingly innocuous situations are cringe-inducing. I would like to avoid all of these situations for the rest of eternity. Since that simply is not possible, the most you can do is to be aware of what they are. Then you can be a little prepared, at least.

1. The Dreaded Job Interview

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Doesn't matter how awkward you are or how uncomfortable you feel, you have to get your ish together when you sitting in front of that hiring manager.

Giving Your Order at a Restaurant
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