18 Best Spider-Man Memes and Tweets Related to the Latest Spider-Man Controversy ...

By Vrinda

18 Best Spider-Man Memes and Tweets Related to the Latest Spider-Man Controversy ...

Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes and we all have at least watched one of the several Spider-Man movies made to date. Recently Spider-Man fans are going crazy over the controversy that surrounds Disney and Sony where they can't decide what to do with the rights to Spider-Man. After watching so many Spider-Man movies that have been involved with Marvel, they might be parting ways. With this, a lot of questions remain unanswered, Is Tim Holland still gonna play Spider-Man? How many more times will Uncle Ben die? In response to this controversy, loads of fans including celebrities like Ryan Reynolds have been posting memes and tweets online. This list contains some of the best ones shared on the internet, take a look.

1 Who Doesn't Love a Harry-potter and Spider-man Medley?

Cartoon, Animated cartoon, Mode of transport, Vehicle, Car,

2 Spider-men

Cartoon, Fictional character, Hero, Superhero, Which one's your favourite?

3 You Have to Have an Inappropriate One

Spider-man, Superhero, Fictional character, Animated cartoon, Cartoon,

4 Good or a Bad Idea?

Fictional character,

5 A Spider Man Museum

Cartoon, Art, Fictional character,

6 Oh No, Not Again...

Cartoon, Room, Table, Animation, Games,

7 Stuck in the Middle

Font, Photography, Graphic design, Recreation, Advertising,

8 Is That Deadpool?

Spider-man, Superhero, Fictional character, Cartoon, Photo caption,

9 Save Yourself

Font, Fictional character, Photo caption,

10 Who Doesn't Love Elephants?

Cartoon, Fictional character, Animated cartoon, Spider-man, Fiction,

11 Nope

Text, Font, Line, Parallel,

12 His Witty Humour Amazes Me

Text, Font, Line, Document, Number,

13 I Feel for That Boy

Text, Sky, Photography, Technology, Smile,

14 Here We Go Again

Text, Font, Line, Brand, Document,

15 This Will Make You Feel Old

Human, Organism, Fictional character, Adaptation, Fun,

16 That One Cracked Me up

Text, Organism, Font, Photography, Photo caption,

17 Is Toby Maguire the Lucky One?

Text, Font, Yellow, Line, Document,

18 Is He the One?

Face, Facial expression, Nose, Are you a Spider-Man fan? Which meme or tweet made you laugh the loudest?

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