7 Strangely Terrifying and Weird Finds on Etsy ...


Sometimes, amongst all of the vintage objects and handmade treasures, there are some truly weird finds on Etsy. These are things that make you think, “wait, did somebody actually think this was a good idea!?” Should you want to purchase any of these weird and wonderful goods, the links are in the description - I hope you get a giggle out of these weird finds on Etsy!

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Tooth Knuckle Ring

Tooth Knuckle Ring Kicking off my list of weird finds on Etsy is this insane knuckle ring. Are those teeth real, you ask? Why, yes - they are. Each ring is handmade to order, and apparently the teeth are sourced from the creator’s friends, family and even some strangers. If you’re interested, you might need to start saving, because this ring is priced at a whopping US$945! Grab it here: etsy.com.


Moose Poop Necklace

Moose Poop Necklace Yes, you read that right. This necklace is made out of nine pieces of genuine moose poop that have been dried and then coasted in polyurethane. Rest assured, there is apparently “no smell” - thank goodness! Though I am still not convinced - would you wear a necklace made out of moose poop? If so, you can find it here for just under US$40: etsy.com.


Foetus Soap

Foetus Soap Just in case you ever felt like washing yourself with an unborn baby, here is a foetus soap, lovingly hand-crafted just for you. Apparently, the purpose for the piece is to “think deeply about conceptual ideas,” so if that’s your thing, you can find this terrifying soap for US$15 right here: etsy.com.


Turkey Tortoise Cozy

Turkey Tortoise Cozy Your pet tortoise can be the envy of all of the other tortoises on the block with this super-cool turkey-themed cozy. No, I am not joking. As ridiculous as this is, it is pretty hilarious, and that tortoise looks very sweet. However, I am still left with one niggling question: why do you want your tortoise to look like a roast turkey? If you want to get into the Thanksgiving spirit super early, you can pick up this gem for US$23 here: etsy.com.


Pizza, Bacon and Dill Pickle Lip Balm

Pizza, Bacon and Dill Pickle Lip Balm Have you ever wanted your lips to taste like dill pickles? Well, you’re in luck. This trio of lip balms are flavoured like pizza, bacon and pickles. Apparently the bacon flavoured lip balm is their bestseller, but something is telling me it’s just not quite as tasty as the real thing. For just under US$8, these lippies are a total steal. Get yours here: etsy.com.


Scented Poo Candle

Scented Poo Candle Before you freak out as much as I did at the thought of a scented poo candle, rest assured - it smells of chocolate, not poop. Thank goodness. However, is that enough of a reason to buy a candle shaped like someone’s business? Something is telling me perhaps not. If you’re not sold already, it comes with its own portable piece of turf. Your guess is as good as mine. Pick it up for US$15 here: etsy.com.


Toilet Paper Earrings

Toilet Paper Earrings Perhaps you always want to be prepared (as the listing says: “because security is always having plenty of toilet paper”), or perhaps you just really, really love toilet paper. Whatever your reason, you can pick up this grand pair of toilet paper-shaped earrings made from beads and sterling silver (only the best!) for a little over US$40 right here: etsy.com.

Oh, Etsy! What would I do without you? I am a total Etsy fanatic, but some of the listings I stumble across from time to time have me laughing out loud. What do you think - would you wear or use any of these wonderful items?

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Is the fetus soap have real fetuses?

Certainly creative

Ohhh i thought it said 'scented poo candy' now that would be weirder than a candle!

Just bc you can make these things doesn't mean you should ...

The foetus isn't real! It's created by a sculptor.

Love the candle could get a good laugh at work

I would wear the tooth ring - I wear one of my old wisdom teeth as a pendant!

So weird omg lol

I have to know is the fetus real or fake please say its fake!!!

Is the fetus real? Really? You think they're going to sell a fetus for $15?

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