7 Strangely Terrifying and Weird Finds on Etsy ...

Sometimes, amongst all of the vintage objects and handmade treasures, there are some truly weird finds on Etsy. These are things that make you think, “wait, did somebody actually think this was a good idea!?” Should you want to purchase any of these weird and wonderful goods, the links are in the description - I hope you get a giggle out of these weird finds on Etsy!

1. Tooth Knuckle Ring

Kicking off my list of weird finds on Etsy is this insane knuckle ring. Are those teeth real, you ask? Why, yes - they are. Each ring is handmade to order, and apparently the teeth are sourced from the creator’s friends, family and even some strangers. If you’re interested, you might need to start saving, because this ring is priced at a whopping US$945! Grab it here: etsy.com.