The Absolute Worst Phases of Having a Crush ...

You know you’ve got it bad when you miss a day without your friend and your whole life’s off track. (Please tell me you ALL got that Usher reference!) Anyways, having a crush can be wonderful, but it can also be SO stressful. There’s major feels, the need to stalk social media accounts, etc. Check out the main (worst) phases of crushing hard on someone. Which phase stresses you out the most?

1. Butterflies

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First things first, the butterflies. Who even let them in?! They come out of nowhere and will not leave. They're there when you see your crush, listen to him speak, and/or when you're just thinking about him!

2. Denial

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We know we like the person but for the sake of our sanity, we deny it. Nope, who has time for it anyways?! You keep telling yourself "it's not a crush," hoping that soon, you'll actually believe it.

3. Social Media Stalking

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How's that denial going? By now, you're already creeping on his every move via his social media accounts. Warning: be very careful not to hit "like" on a photo that was posted weeks ago. I don't think he'd be very into that!

4. Telling Your BFF

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It's time to face it, you have a crush on someone! The social media stalking is getting too hard to handle on your own. So, you tell your BFF (who probably already knew). Now you have someone to help you decipher texts and be your wing woman!

5. Awkward Mess

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Now that you've acknowledged your feelings, seeing your crush in public is, well, scary. You forget how to speak, or even speak too much. You can't remember how to be your cool self because you're too busy being too awkward to function.

6. He Texts You First

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After he realizes how awesome you are (or after your BFF takes over and talks to him), he finally texts you first. YES! He might even ask you out and we all know you're gonna say yes.

7. Happy Times

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Things are finally good! You and your crush are having fun hanging out and it's just a matter of time before you make it official. Took you long enough, huh?!

Of course, there's no certainty on just how long each of these phases will last. I guess that's what makes them so stressful! Can you relate to these phases of having a crush?

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