The Best of the MannequinChallenge so Far ...


The Best of the MannequinChallenge so Far ...
The Best of the MannequinChallenge so Far ...

If you haven't done or even seen the #MannequinChallenge yet, you need to see what the fuss is about, stat! To give you some ideas, here are a few of my fave #MannequinChallenge videos. Let's watch... but don't move!

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How on earth did they all stay so still the entire time? I saw a couple of blinks, but really, that was about it. Amazing!


The Sexiest Man-quin Alive

Okay, his eyes moved, but that was about it. Hilarious!


LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers

I love, love, LOVE FLOTUS Michelle Obama... she's so down to earth!


Sesame Street

I want to know how on the world they got Elmo to sit still for three seconds in a row.


A Wrinkle in Time

I cannot WAIT to see this movie. Their take on the Mannequin Challenge is pretty cool, too, I guess, but MOVIE NOW PLEASE.


Hills and JBJ

Love her or hate her, you have to admit: Hillary Clinton and her crew nailed the Challenge. I mean, I couldn't remain still on a plane with Jon Bon Jovi.


The Late Late Show

Okay, I get that the pro staff and crew along with James Corden could do this with ease, but the entire studio audience?


Hairspray Live!

However you might feel about this production, they did a great job producing this Challenge video!


Women's Water Polo

How did they do this?! I mean, no floating, or air bubbles, or anything! What?


Little Kids

Oh, come on! Could they be any cuter?


This Dog

Apparently, this isn't a real dog. It can't be! Can it?

Are you ready to try it now? What's your angle going to be?

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