The Cold Hard Truth about the Gym ...


The Cold Hard Truth about the Gym ...
The Cold Hard Truth about the Gym ...

Since it's the new year, you've probably thought about joining a gym. Of course, you don't actually need to get a membership in order to get fit. You can just run around the block or buy a few machines to place inside of your own home. The gym is completely optional.

To prove that you don't actually need to waste your money on a membership, here's a realistic ad about gyms that would be on television if advertisements were actually honest:

Props to Cracked for creating the video. Do you have a gym membership, or do you prefer to work out at home?

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No, I prefer to exercise in other ways than the gym which could be boring and wasteful if the membership isn't useful.

I don't have much space at home for fitness equipment so I prefer going to the gym. I also feel motivated by going.

I needed this! Made my night! :)

As Zahra mentioned I also have a gym membership and that within itself motivates me. Some people are different than others and to be honest when I start slacking but continue to see money taken out my account for my membership it makes me realize this is something I invested money in for my health. Use it. Before a membership it was here and there but once I signed a one year I've seen more progress and determination within myself than ever before.

This may be true to an extent. I go to the gym and it motivates me and helps me a lot so it's not completely useless the way this video makes it sound.

I find it a social motivator, I have friends going to the gym this motivates me to go too

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