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The Complete List of Comebacks for Clichd Breakup Lines ...

By Holly

Breaking up is always rough. However, your heartbreak will feel ten times worse if your partner uses a cliche line to dump you. It suggests that he didn't have a legitimate reason to leave, so he just resorted to the lines he's heard a thousand times before on the big screen. Here are a few cliche breakup lines, and comebacks you should use to respond to them:

1 You’re Not the Person I Fell in Love with

"Neither are you. I’d never fall in love with someone stupid enough to dump me." This one places the blame on both sides. After all, if he's going to judge you for evolving as a person, they you should be able to blame him for devolving.

2 You Deserve Better than Me

"You’re right. Lately I've been feeling like I'm too hot to be with someone like you." He's the one who said you deserve better, so he can't blame you for agreeing with him.

3 I’m Breaking up with You

"What a relief. I’ve been trying to break up with you for months now." This one will let him know that you're both on the same page. You're not going to cry over losing him, because you've been thinking of leaving him before he uttered those final words.

4 It’s Just Not Working out between Us

"And we both know how far you’ll go to avoid working out." If you're mad enough to damage your partner's ego, this is the line you need to use.

5 It’s Not You, It’s Me

"I understand. I know I'm not your type. I'm not inflatable." Of course, you can substitute the word 'inflatable' with a number of different things. You can try "I'm not stupid enough to sleep with you" or "I'm not pathetic enough to deal with your BS."

6 I Feel like We’ve Grown Apart

"No, you’ve just grown into a complete moron." It's the truth, isn't it? Anyone who dumps you must not be thinking clearly, because they're going to lose the best thing that ever happened to them.

7 We Want Different Things

"Hey, if you're stupid enough to walk away, then I'm smart enough to let you go." This comeback works pretty well with any line that your partner throws at you. It's foolproof--and we know that anyone who dumps a gorgeous girl like you is a complete fool.

8 You’re More like a Sister to Me

"You'd do the things you did to me to your own sister? I thought you were against incest." If your man tells you that you feel like family to him, call him out on it. There's no way he would kiss and cuddle his siblings in the same way he kissed and cuddled you.

9 We Need to Talk

"If you’re going to break up with me, do it quick. My other boyfriend is waiting for me." This line will show him that you have plenty of other options. You don't need him, because any other guy would be lucky to have you.

Don't let your partner talk down to you during the breakup. You're free to fight back, so speak up for yourself instead of letting your partner demean you. Can you come up with any other great comebacks for cliched breakup lines?

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