The Harsh Truths ✌🏼 of Being an Insomniac 😳 for Girls Who Just Want Sleep 😴 Again ...

Insomnia is horrible. They say no one ever died because of insomnia, but to paraphrase Stephen King, that's not true at all, they just usually end up calling it something else. My insomnia is situational and has never gotten so bad that I feel like I'm going nuts, for which I'm profoundly grateful, but not every insomniac is so lucky. No matter how bad you have it, everyone who suffers from insomnia has a few things in common. If F. Scott Fitzgerald was right and it's always three o'clock in the morning in the real dark night of the soul, we insomniacs are well-acquainted with that particular area.

1. Every Single Day, You Feel like You're Guest Starring on β€œthe Walking Dead”

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Like one of the zombies, though, so there's not even the potential bright spot of having sweaty sex with Darryl.

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