7 Awesome Animal Gifs for Girls Who Need a Dose of Cute Right Now ...


7 Awesome Animal Gifs for Girls Who Need a Dose of Cute Right Now  ...
7 Awesome Animal Gifs for Girls Who Need a Dose of Cute Right Now  ...

If you ever need a little bit of 'pick-me-up' after a long day, turn to animal GIFs to cheer you up. There are comedy skits, pranks, and shows, but I can guarantee you there is nothing out there that is going to work better than a few hilarious animal GIFs to cheer you up. You don't even have to be a pet lover to enjoy these! Just take a look yourself and resist the urge to laugh if you can.

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Llama the Sassmaster

Llama the Sassmaster Oh boy, the amount of captions that can go along with this gif is unbelievable! You'd expect the llama to bite the visitor's hand or even spit on him, but you definitely don't see what actually happens coming. You go llama, keep the sass coming!


Failed Jump

Failed Jump To be honest I have no idea what the fox was trying to do, but it's hilarious nonetheless! The end part with fox butt wiggling in the air just kills me, it's too cute. Let's hope he or she had better luck getting out than making that leap.


Spinning out of Control

Spinning out of Control The little guy is having a little too much fun at the cost of his pal's well being! The hit doesn't even register as he continues to spin despite the collision. Fingers crosses they mended their friendship after because that looks like it might have been painful!


Sea Lion Rotation

Sea Lion Rotation Can't really tell if the sea lion is mad, sad, or just plain happy, but the sight is definitely humorous. Haha, maybe all the sea lions were playing hide and seek and this one in particular was counting until ten! I can see it happening.


Man and Cat Pals

Man and Cat Pals While the GIF itself may not be as funny, the narration with the subtitles just makes it all come together. I wonder if the man was actually signaling to the cat where his buddies ran, the chemistry and the ease of communication between the two is too strong to be fake!


Jamming Bear with Kids

Jamming Bear with Kids It literary looks like the kids and the bear are having the sickest party of the year. Listening to some hard core metal music and jamming through the glass. Too bad we didn't get the memo, seems like it was the place to be at!


Manatee Hits the Glass

Manatee Hits the Glass Poor manatee suffered from a bad judgement of space and flattened its whole head against the glass. Looks like it might have hurt, guess we know he or she won't be doing that again! You be careful bud!

Now tell me, did you make it through without breaking into laughter? I know I sure didn't, the GIFs are plainly too cute and funny to resist.

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The first one killed me omg !!

I Love animals. Im sorry to burst your bubbles, but the Bear is acting like that because He/She is greatly stressed. When an animal portrays the same behaviour repeatedly, its not a good sign.

That was so cute


Awesummm! Too cute ;P Gr8 post.. Thanks.

Yeah the fox is trying to catch musk rats and the poor manatee hitting the glass with his face is sad

Fox is hunting mice in snow

I have to say that one wih the seal hitting the other one 😂😂


these are just so cute!

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