These 21 GIFs Will Brighten All of Your Bad Days ...

By Jennifer

These 21 GIFs Will Brighten All of Your Bad Days ...

It's bound to happen sooner or later (and probably will happen on a Monday): a bad day. A day when your hair won't do what you want, your winged liner refuses to flick properly, and you snag your favorite leggings. But rather than retreat to your sofa and watch Netflix all day, whilst pouting, have a peek at these GIFs and get back at it.

1 Get Excited...

... like, Tamra-level excited.

2 Tell Your Bad Day to Suck It

... again, let Tamra be your guide.

3 Break out Your Best Moves

How can anyone be sad watching Elmo & Jimmy Fallon dance? It is impossible.

4 Call Your Gram-Gram

She'll cheer you up by regaling you with stories of her life before sliced bread, bras, and toothpaste were invented.

5 Refuse to Mourn That Winged Liner

Because it really won't do any good. Wipe it off and try again!

6 That Botched Winged Liner?

Totally in the past. Move on.

7 Practice Your Best Almost Eye-roll

Because a full-on eye roll isn't as subtle as you'd like.

8 Watch Your Fave Disney Film Again

... to give you some villain inspiration. Yzma is the best!

9 Maybe Day-dream about Channing Tatum for a While

Like, the pre-married Channing Tatum. Don't be a homewrecker

10 Find Some Friends to Cheer You up

Friends like these, who also fail at life on occasion. Because we all do!

11 Admire These Pugs

... for no good reason, except cuteness.

12 Read a Good Book

... and roll your eyes at Gaston.

13 Force Your Family to Dance with You

Tell them it will make you feel better

14 Remember Even Celebs Have Flaws

I really can't see what she's talking about.

15 Maybe Have a Glass of Wine

But just one glass!

16 Imagine Life with Tina & Amy as Your BFFs

It always makes me feel better, way better.

17 Take a Nap

That's a marriage that would last and last.

18 Fish for Love on Social Media
I find vague "I'm so sad" updates really help. (Not really, at all.)

19 Maybe a Quick Workout?

Try those "envision success" strategies.

20 You Could Always Flip the Script

And just be a bad guy instead. It's not so bad.

21 Remember, Hermione Believes in You

And she's never, ever wrong.

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