7 Things Every Girl Should Check before She Leaves the House ...


There are some things every girl should check before she leaves the house and these tips will ensure you can avoid some of the embarrassment I have felt in the past. Sometimes we're in a rush to get out of the house and mistakes are inevitable. So here are some things every girl should check before she leaves the house.

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Skirt in Knickers

This is one of the things every girl should check before she leaves the house. In fact, it's something every girl should check throughout the day, especially after she has visited the bathroom. You may have inadvertently tucked your dress or skirt into your knickers after visiting the ladies. Save the embarrassment and do a quick swoop of the booty to check it's not on show to the rest of the world!



One of the things every girl should check before she leaves the house is her foundation and whether it blends in properly. I have been caught out with a line at the base of the face and there's nothing worse than looking as though you're wearing a mask. Make sure your face matches your neck!


Eye Makeup

This is a true story. When I got to work one day, I popped into the bathroom and noticed that something looked a little odd with my eyes. One eye looked wide while the other looked a little tired. Turns out I had been distracted while I was doing my mascara and had only done one eye. Luckily at the time, I had a side fringe going on so I was able to hide the sleepy eye under it. Make sure you check your face is not incomplete before you leave the house, ladies!


Lipstick on Your Teeth

Another true story. One day, I was on my way to work and feeling great. I made made a special effort because I knew I would bump into my crush. I saw him from a distance and felt my pulse quicken as we walked closer to each other. I smiled and said hello as we passed and he smiled. There then followed a facial expression which conveyed something else. Disgust? Bemusement? A mixture of both? I wasn't sure so I went straight to the bathroom when I arrived at work to check I hadn't make the eye makeup or foundation mistake. Everything looked fine until I smiled and saw that I had lipstick all over my pearly whites. An unsightly mistake for any girl to make and one I'm uber paranoid about now!


See through Skirt

Skirts make a great change to pants in the spring but you need to make sure the whole world can't see straight through it. This is tricky if you're getting dressed when it's darker in the mornings as it's something that often doesn't become apparent until someone points it out to you during the day when you're standing in a certain light. So always wear a slip under that sheer skirt.


Right Shoes

One day at university, I was getting ready to go shopping with some friends. We were running late and they were knocking on my dorm door so I quickly threw on some shoes. We sat on the train, excited about the day ahead when I looked down at my shoes. There was something wrong. I had managed to put on shoes that didn't match. I was in Brighton at the time and even this was a little outrageous for the eccentric town. People were staring at my odd shoes so I had to make the journey home to change as I was too embarrassed to shop. So, be sure to check you're wearing a pair that match before you leave the house!


Stuck on You

Another thing to check before you leave the house is that you don't have anything stuck on you. Check for those errant pantyhose stuck to your behind or anything worse. Do a quick twirl and check in front of a full length before you leave the house (or the bathroom at work)! It's sure to save any embarrassment.

These are some of the things every girl should check before she leaves the house. Can you think of any more?

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Also check if anything is inside out! Or if anything stuck to your clothes.

Make sure you have your driver's license.

"Quick swoop of the booty" never forgetting that one

Don't forget to turn off your straighter, and styling tools!

Kitty Eva, she said she was too embarrassed to shop.

Kadijaa, and lucky girl,she had another pair just like it at home !

I would have acted like I put on mismatched shoes on purpose! Lol . I try to pull it off when I do something unintentional

Lol that you have your wallet and some cash just in case you need to cab home. This article is pretty good 😊

If you were out shopping, why not just buy a new pair of shoes instead of going all the way home to change?

Quick swoop of the booty, and check your shoes when leaving the bathroom. I work in a bar and countless times I have dashed after women leaving the ladies, some times I just grab a fluttering piece of paper without them noticing to avoid embarrassing them.

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