7 Outrageous Things You Should Never Say on a Plane ...

When travelling, there are certain things you should never say on a plane, whether you’re joking or not. Otherwise you’ll probably earn some enemies and make your flight not-so-comfortable! This list of things you should never say on a plane will make sure you reach your intended destination in one piece.

1. “That’s the Bomb!”

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It just goes without saying that this one would appear on the list of things you should never say on a plane! If a crew member or passenger, at any stage, thinks that you might be a threat to people’s safety then you will be kicked off and be dealt with very harshly. That will swiftly put an end to your holiday and set you back with significant fines or even jail time. Yikes!

2. “Whoops, I Forgot My Deodorant…”

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Unless you want to be avoided like the plague, perhaps it’s best if you don’t let these words slip! There’s nothing worse than spending a long flight with someone who smells, and it’s even worse if it’s you. If you really did forget your deodorant, just ask quietly and inconspicuously if you can borrow some from the person you’re travelling with!

3. “Wow! You Look like That Girl from Lost!”

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Often flying is a scary experience for some people, and anything vaguely relating to crashes can really set them off. While you may think you’re paying someone a compliment by likening them to a character from Lost, they may not share the same opinion, and you may have just made their flight a terrible experience!

4. “I’ll Have Another Drink, Thanks!”

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If you’ve already had a few drinks and are feeling a little tipsy, it’s probably best if you stop drinking for a while. You may know your limits, but the people around you don’t, and if any crew members or passengers feel threatened or uncomfortable in your presence then you might find yourself detained at your destination!

5. “I Knew I Shouldn’t Have Eaten That Curry…”

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Again, unless you want a huge empty space around your seat, don’t say this! In fact, any unnecessary talk of gross bodily functions is probably best left well alone, unless you want a few queasy people sitting near you. Would you like to hear about other strangers’ bowel movements?

6. “My Waters Have Broken!”

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Unless you’re planning on starting a riot, perhaps it’s best to avoid joking about breaking waters! Of course, if you’re really about to give birth then it’s probably best to let someone know, but otherwise, you’ll send people into a panic for nothing.

7. “Did You Hear about That Time…?”

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Unless the person sitting next to you behaves like they want to engage you in conversation, be polite and leave them alone! Lots of people think of flights as relaxing times to catch up on work or sleep, so you shouldn’t interrupt their time. This phrase is especially bad if you combine it with a very loud voice - keep your conversations to yourself and the person you’re having them with!

I hope you had a little giggle about these things you shouldn’t say on a plane - flying can often be nerve-wracking, so it’s good to have a laugh about it every now and then. While you’ve been travelling, what’s something you’ve heard someone say that you think they shouldn’t have? What are your rules for flying etiquette?

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