The Biggest Things You Should Never Say to Your Man ...


There are things you should never tell a man, unless you're aiming to get him angry. If you want to keep the peace, then there are certain comments that you should keep to yourself. After all, you don't like it when he says things that annoy you. In order to avoid an argument, here are some things you should never tell a man:

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You're like a Brother to Me

If a guy has feelings for you, then this statement is going to crush him. While you're meaning to say that he's a close friend, all he's hearing is that you'll never date him, and that the thought of kissing him seems incestuous. Although it appears to be a harmless comment, comparing a guy to your brother is one of the things you should never tell a man.


We Need to Talk

Are you planning on breaking up with him? Because that's what he's going to think as soon as these words pop out of your mouth. Needing to talk is never a good thing, so even if you are actually planning on ending the relationship, start the conversation in a different way. There's no reason to scare the man.


My Ex Loved That

If you're watching a movie and casually mention that your ex loved Jennifer Aniston, your current boyfriend is never going to forget it. Every single time Friends comes on, he'll be reminded of your old relationship. It's best to keep little tidbits about your ex to yourself, because there's no reason to make him flinch when he watches the trailer for the Horrible Bosses sequel.


You Throw like a Girl

Why would you want to insult the female gender? Women can throw, catch, and run just as well as men can. There's no reason to degrade your gender by telling a man he throws like a girl. It won't bruise his ego. It'll just make you look silly.


You're Mine

Some men are okay with this statement, because they know you mean it lovingly. Other guys will be offended, because you're treating them like a pet or an object. You can't own another human in this century. Your boyfriend isn't your personal possession. He's just your mate.


I'll Return It

If someone gets you a present, be thankful for it. Don't look at it, toss it aside, and ask for the gift receipt. Be happy that he attempted to do something to make you smile, even if it's a fake smile. But next time a holiday comes around, make sure to drop bigger hints about what you actually want him to buy you.


Your Friend is Hot

No man wants to know that you think his best friend is hot. He'd prefer to live in ignorance, and assume that he's the only person that you could possibly find attractive. Sure, he knows you have a thing for Leonardo DiCaprio, but other than that, he wants to think you only have eyes for him. Don't ruin his ridiculous thoughts with the truth.

If you want to keep a man happy, you'll have to keep certain thoughts to yourself. "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all." What have you innocently said to a man that he's been offended by?

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Thank you for #4! :)

Preeeeeeety sure if you didn't know this already then you don't deserve a relationship... 😁

Thank you for this good article, but I did said to my crush the #1, thought it's just for joke

Thank you now I know what not to say to a guy that's my boyfriend or a guy friend

Good article! My husband and I work for the same employer and it's a predominantly male workgroup. So I use #1 all the time to describe the other men :)

this made me laugh, good article.

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