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This Pug Enjoying His Bath is the CUTEST Video You'll See Today ...

By Vanessa

What's a cuter than a pug in a tub?! Not much, that's for sure! In my household, the idea of a calm time while giving my dogs a bath is unheard of. I have three of them and they are NOT fans of the water. LOL. Barry the Pug, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Bath time is his favorite time and it's the absolute cutest thing to watch!

David Stanton, a Sydney-based photographer, posted a video of Barry's bath-time behavior that will keep you smiling for the whole duration of the video. When the water hits him, he looks so at peace! He also wags his tail during the entire bath which is super convincing of the fact that he's in a good mood. Check it out:

So sweet, right?! Does your dog love bath time like Barry?

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