25 Times "Cards against Humanity" Was Truly Horrible ...

Let me preface this by saying that “Cards Against Humanity” is pretty NSFW, if you need to worry about that. Some people don't approve of this profane new game, which describes itself quite honestly as “the party game for horrible people,” but others love it. This is for the others! Some of these are from games I've played and some are from my fellow horrible people all around the globe. If you're a fan, I think you'll find these epic hands hilariously horrible. If not, well, they're seriously pretty awful – lots of cursing, debauchery, and truly heinous references. Outrage awaits thee beyond this point, so consider yourself forewarned!

1. RIP, Billy

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Let's start off a little tame. However, it clearly shows that “Cards Against Humanity” is completely irreverent. Nothing is sacred, not even Billy Mays. Your grandma might not be sacred. Your sense of humor is fully exposed to everyone within earshot – or anyone with an internet connection, honestly.

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