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Unfortunately, you can't control every movement your man makes, so you can't teach him dog tricks like you do to your pets. However, there's a thing or two that your boyfriend could learn from your best furry friend. Don't you love how loyal your pup is? Don't you adore the way he listens to everything you say, and wags his tail when you walk through the door? Well, it would be nice if your boyfriend took lessons from your canine and started performing these pretty impressive dog tricks:

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Even when we want a man to stick around, they have a tendency of wandering off. He might find another girl, or simply get bored of sleeping next to the same woman every night. But your dog would never leave you. If you tell him to stay, then he's not going anywhere. It's one of the dog tricks that canines are able to master easier than we fickle humans are. Your pup might expect a treat or a pat on the head, but he won't get greedier than that.



Some days, you're not in the mood for play time. When you tell a man to back off, he might have trouble taking no for an answer. But when a doggie hears you tell him to get down, he'll do as you say, without protest. If everyone learned to listen as well as they do, the world would be a safer place.



You don't want to move from your comfy spot to grab the remote that's all the way on the other side of the couch, so how are you supposed to turn off Duck Dynasty? If your man was more like your dog, he'd have no problem fetching the remote, the morning paper, and the coziest pair of slippers you own.



When you want your boyfriend to express his emotions, it feels like pulling teeth. Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do was yell, "Speak!" into his flappy ear? If he talked when you wanted him to talk, life would be a whole lot easier. For you, anyway.



You're comfortable sharing everything with your boyfriend, but it would be nice if he asked before he stole the last piece of bacon off of your plate. At least your dog will beg for food. You shouldn't expect your boyfriend to whimper on the floor, but a 'please' would be appreciated.



Your dog will hold hands with you, because he loves you. If your boyfriend is too conservative to touch you in public, then he should take some lessons from your pup, who isn't ashamed to lick your face, and claim you as his own.


Play Dead

Maybe you got into a nasty fight with your boyfriend, or maybe you're just too tired to deal with his antics. Either way, it would be nice for him to climb into bed and play dead when you're frustrated with him. Then you could go about your day, while he stays out of the way.

If your man is as loyal as your dog, then you're one lucky woman. Most pups are more trustworthy than humans, so if you find a catch, don't let him go. Do you have any pets? What tricks do they know?

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I understand this is just a joke article, that wasn't aimed at you :) I was just ranting

I find this article very offensive. Of course, some of the points made sense, but this article paints guys as some sort of item that women can "own" and manipulate. Guys have feelings and emotions just like we do, and they should not have to follow every whim and wish we have just because we want them to.

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