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7 TV Shows You Should Take Advice from to Be Happier ...

By Holly

If you want to live a successful life, there are TV shows you should take advice from. It’s not always dangerous to do what you see on screen. Sometimes, the characters on hit shows set a great example for audiences everywhere. If you’re looking to better your life, here are the best TV shows you should take advice from:

1 Breaking Bad

Breaking BadBy now, everyone knows the story of Walter White. He was a chemistry teacher that was diagnosed with cancer and turned to meth to make money. Well, you don’t have to come down with a deadly illness in order to follow in his footsteps. Breaking Bad is one of the TV shows you should take advice from if you want to rake in the dough. I mean, how dangerous could the drug business be? It worked out for Walt and Jesse. Well... for a while.

2 Game of Thrones

Game of ThronesIf you feel like you’re forever alone, don’t sweat it. Have you tried looking for love within your own family? On Game of Thrones, everyone hooks up, no matter how they’re related. Sometimes, it’s the only way to find romance.

3 Sherlock

SherlockSherlock proves that even if you disappear for two years, everyone will still love you. You don’t have to make a phone call or even let your best friend know you’re alive. Just stroll back into everyone’s lives when you’re good and ready. You’re the important one. Put yourself first and forget about everybody else. They’re all too ordinary, anyway.

4 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaThere’s not one controversial topic that this show leaves out. The gang works at a bar, and always drink on the job. If they’re not drunk, they’re either asleep or off of the air. If you look up to any of the characters, you’ll be an alcoholic in no time at all. It’s so simple.

5 The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadEven if there are flesh eating zombies, you can always attack fellow humans. Why band together to fight against a common enemy? Humans have free will, which means they aren’t to be trusted. You should never trust even the most harmless looking person, because who knows who they could be working for? It’s best to keep to your small group, and try not to let anyone else join.

6 How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your MotherWhen you sit down to tell your children how you met their father, do it with style. Take advice from Ted Mosby and don’t leave anything out. Your kids can handle it. I mean, why wouldn’t they want to hear about all of your sexual adventures with their aunt? They’ll love those stories, along with all of the drunk and high mishaps you got yourself into.

7 Gossip Girl

Gossip GirlEven if your best friend is in love with a guy, that doesn’t mean that he’s off limits. You can hook up with anyone you want, any time you want. That’s the beauty of being beautiful! Money can’t buy everything, but your good looks sure can get you what you want.

In all honestly, I completely adore every show listed above! They're all great watches for rainy days or whenever you feel like being entertained. Which one of the shows listed above is your favorite? If you haven’t seen any, turn on Netflix.

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