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If you're one of those girls who surrounds herself around different types of girlfriends, then this list may suit you. Every girl has that one group they hang out with that includes various personalities, behaviors, and characteristics. As women, we know that not every girlfriend is alike and each has distinct ways that make them stand out from the next friend. So, here's a fun list sharing the different types of girlfriends every girl usually has in their circle of friends.

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The Partygoer

The Partygoer is one of those types of girlfriends that every girl should have because they are always there when you're ready to step out for some fun! Partygoer friends know just where to go when you're feeling down or ready to celebrate. They'll call you to inform you about an up and coming party or keep you posted on all the exciting events happening around town. Unfortunately, these types of friends tend to be nothing more than someone you can hang out with or enjoy events with from time-to-time. They rarely become really close friends of yours being that sometimes you'll just keep them at a distant relationship. But, they do keep things forever interesting.


The Gossiper

Having this type of girlfriend as a companion has its perks, but it can be quite annoying. Have you ever had that friend that just talks about everyone and their mama? I'm sure all of us have. The positive side about having a gossiper as a girlfriend is that they could inform you about details that may be of importance to you or that affect you personally and could benefit you. Conversely, it can become quite redundant and nerve wrecking. It also can harm relationships with other friends if the gossiper is spreading rumors about someone. It's basically a win-lose friendship.


The Head-turner

This friend gets noticed by everyone and clearly, she loves the attention. For example, when both of you attend gatherings together everyone notices her or greets her first. Her bubbly and magnetic personality just attracts everyone she comes in contact with. Additionally, she is a head-turner to men when you go out with her and it seems like she pulls all the hotties. You just can't win with her because honestly, she is the life of the party. But hey, some people got it while others don't. At least she'll draw in the herd of men your way.


The Fashionista

Your stylish girlfriend just wears all the cutest outfits and knows how to make even the smallest piece of clothing look fashionable. This friend, however, wants to go shopping and spend money nearly every day at the local mall. She could become quite a bad influence on you as far as when it comes to splurging on items or merchandise you really don't need. However, she could be a major help when it comes to trends or putting together a chic outfit. You definitely benefit from all her knowledge and inside scoop when it comes to fashion.


The Ms. do-Right

Do you have a girlfriend who is a goody two-shoes? I think we all have had one of these or still do. Sometimes when you want to be just a slight bit devious, your friend would always intercede with their moral values. Furthermore, they'll try to make you feel guilty for something they think is wrong. You may try to please or impress them by pretending to be someone you're not. Honestly, who is that perfect or even wants to be? Yet, this person can be beneficial to you and make you a better person in someway. That's if you're totally just a rotten apple. But overall, a Ms. Do-Right could drive you just totally bonkers.


The Mother-May-I

The Mother-May-I has a lot of wisdom out of all her friends. She strives to be the leader and not the follower. She also feels like it's her duty to be a role model to her girlfriends, always carrying that motherly energy. You may view her as the go-to friend when you need a little rearing or nurturing. The downside of this girlfriend is that at times she can come off a bit cocky or like she knows it all, but she is quite understanding and affectionate.


The Confidante

The confidante friend is probably the most favorable friend in this list. You can instill your trust in this person because she holds your deepest secrets closed to her heart. She gives you confidence in knowing that she'll always there to listen to you. This would probably be the friend that you grow the closest too because you both have long intense conversations about your personal life. You both cry together and laugh together. The confidante girlfriend is definitely one that you look forward to speaking to at the end of a productive day.

Of course more than one of these qualities can be present in just one friend, but this is just a breakdown of some of the typical female friends that tend to be in a woman's group of associates. There are plenty other types of girlfriends not listed. So, what are some other ones that you know of?

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Im the confidante

I don't have a confidante. I am the Mother May I.

I'm the confidante!

The talking-about-herself-girlfriend. The kind of girlfriend who is bragging about what she's doing and what she has done and she's so proud of herself, maybe too proud... It can be annoying sometimes

I'm the head turner ( conceited much ) & the ms do it right.

Don't forget the Manipulative psychos. Or am I the only one who is the Freak Magnet? lol

Wonder who i am?!?

My bestie got it all ❤️

The friend of a friends, girls you don't really like but all our friends do so you have to Be nice to them

I'm the chicken little lol

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