51 Unfortunate Souls Who Really Really Regret Their Tattoos ...

By Lyndsie

51 Unfortunate Souls Who Really Really Regret Their Tattoos ...

Tattoos aren't technically forever, but ink is definitely a commitment. You're free to get any tattoo you want, but as dissenters always say, you're stuck with it. It's one thing to get a tattoo you dislike, though, and something else entirely to get something that looks just awful. Also, please remember: friends don't let friends get tattoos without spell-checking.

1 Mr. Cool Ice

Source: ultimatetop10s.com

He's cool as ice, man.

2 There is so Much Wrong with This

Source: imgur.com

It hurts me.

3 This is Truly Regrettable

Source: buzzfeed.com

So close, yet so far.

4 LOLOL, Misspellings!

Source: failblog.cheezburger.com

No REGERTS! Get it?! There is no way this was not intentional.

5 When You Can See into the Future

Source: freepblog.wordpress.com

Because clearly.

6 Wait a Second …

Source: wac.450f.edgecastcdn.net

Those aren't real suspenders! This man is a liar! (In all honesty, I approve. Nice touch on the thumbs, buddy, that is dedication and they make the tat. I hope you never regret this.)

7 We Need to Talk about This Tattoo

Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

Except I'm speechless. I mean, at least it's honest. That's actually pretty cool.

8 This One Also

Source: tosh.comedycentral.com

Because this one is truly clever. Look at that belly button.

9 This is One Way to Fix a Typo

Source: reddit.com

Honestly, it's nice to see someone make an attempt. (Besides that one awesome tattoo.)

10 Louis Vuitton Overdrive

Source: pink-nightmare.com

Who wants to tell this kid that this ink is not luxe?

11 What Happened Here?

Source: lolwot.com

Do you think he carries checkers in his pockets at all times? Because I do.

12 Is … is This a Joke?

Source: lolwot.com

I agree with OP. It's either a joke or this person lost a bet like nobody's business. This cannot be for real. “He touched so many.”

13 I Don't Know What This Means

Source: lolwot.com

Oh … oh wait. Like hindsight and junk?

14 Oh My God …

Source: lolwot.com

Once again, I agree with OP. Clever and gross at the same time.

15 This Man Might Be a Walking Billboard

Source: ultimatetop10s.com

I need to look into this. I must research this gentleman. I will report my findings.

16 Never, No, Not Once

Source: ultimatetop10s.com

This is so very bad.

17 In One Way, This is Empowering and Beautiful

Source: ultimatetop10s.com

In another way, did she Google “blue waffle” before she got inked?

18 I Think This Kid Likes ICP

Source: ultimatetop10s.com

What do you think?

19 What

Source: ultimatetop10s.com

You can tell how painful this was. You can SEE it.

20 But … (NSFW)

Source: ultimatetop10s.com

I don't … I don't understand.

21 Bob Barker is Not Supposed to Be Scary

Source: tumblr.com

Tattoos of faces are always kind of scary, though, especially if there are teeth involved – although these are admittedly pretty well done. It's his manic look, really. Like he's about to start spaying and neutering any minute.

22 This is Probably True

Source: izismile.com

In a way, aren't we all powered by Google?

23 Not a Better Love Story than Twilight

Source: inktattooart.org

Not at all. Not even a little.

24 Okay, This is Clever

Source: izismile.com

It is. Admit it.

25 This is a Hot Dog in a Leather Jacket

Source: uproxx.com

I bet this hot dog in a leather jacket is proud of being delicious, too. I bet this hot dog expresses no remorse.

26 That Cupcake is Doing What You Think It's Doing

Source: uproxx.com

I would also like to know the story of how this came about.

27 I Know This is Probably a Threat

Source: chicagonow.com

And also possibly not a good idea. But I legit laughed.

28 I Wonder if This is One of Those Advertising Deals

Source: chicagonow.com

I have a feeling this person did not get paid for this tattoo, however.

29 And then They Broke up

Source: oceanupped.wordpress.com

Aw. That's sad!

30 Uhm ...

Source: teamjimmyjoe.com

No slut shaming, no sex shaming, no butt shaming, no shaming whatsoever. I still think this person might someday possibly express a teensy bit of regret for this ink.

31 I Think There Might Be Family Issues Here

Source: lolwot.com

I mean … is that a heart?

32 Peter Pan Should Never Look like This

Source: lolwot.com

Never. Never, ever, ever. Not even one time. Not even this time. No. Peter doesn't even know how he got here.

33 Did You Know Ronald McDonald Lives to Rock?

Source: lolwot.com

Neither did I.

34 This is a Warning Sign

Source: buzzfeed.com

Brenda needs our help. I am serious. Unless he wronged Brenda and this tattoo is the result. In that case, I would like to buy Brenda a drink. Basically, I just need to hear from Brenda.

35 This is Absolutely Wrong

Source: buzzfeed.com

This is so mean. I mean, not to analyze a tattoo on someone's forehead, but even if there are maternal issues happening, this is serious.

36 No, It's “their”

Source: buzzfeed.com

Also so close, but still so far.

37 This is Really Sad, Tbh

Source: buzzfeed.com

Otherwise, it's a beautiful tattoo – even though Leia looks a little like Bette Davis.

38 I Hope Hart's Okay ...

Source: buzzfeed.com

Hart and Brenda both need to email me.

39 No, You're Not Extreme

Source: buzzfeed.com

I'm taking off additional points for that font.

40 Oh, Honey …

Source: buzzfeed.com

I hope she got her “e” turned into an “a,” I really do.

41 No

Source: worst-tattoo-ever.tumblr.com

Bad. BAD. I kind of hope that hurt.

42 May I Tell You about My Lord and Kitty Today?

Source: kittyhell.com

Except, you know what? I think a person whose sense of humor inspired them to get this tattoo in the first place won't necessarily regret it.

43 Say What You Will about Nickelback ...

Source: blogs.houstonpress.com

… but someone got this tattoo. Did anyone ever get a tattoo of you?

44 Why?

Source: pink-nightmare.com

Seriously, why?

45 This is Not Tom

Source: ak-hdl.buzzfed.com

He cannot be my friend.

46 It's Doesn't Get Any Better

Source: thechive.com

This is only acceptable if you're Toki Wartooth.

47 The Internet is Forever

Source: trendhunter.com

So this is technically kind of always going to be semi relevant. Plus, it's Keyboard Cat, so … I guess this one's not necessarily a regret.

48 What Happens if Your Love Doesn't Last as Long as Your Ink?

Source: stuffistumbledupon.com

Well, I guess the separate pieces might look neat. Probably easy to cover them with something else, at least.

49 TMI, TMI!

Source: gifsforum.com

Besides, everybody knows! Everybody knows!

50 The Harlem Shake Isn't Forever …

Source: de.webfail.com

… but this ink is. That being said, love the script. Also love the tie-dyed shoe.

51 Neither is Gangnam Style

Source: wtftattoos.com

Sorry to say, but it's not forever. It's kind of already over. Still … this is sort of cute, huh?

What say you, stalkers? Any tattoos of fail you're willing to cop to?

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