10 Very Real Struggles of Being Short ...


At 5'2, I’m very familiar with the struggles of being short. Now that I'm almost 30, I have made my peace with my height and accepted that I will never be a supermodel. But that doesn't mean my everyday problems have disappeared. Here are some very real struggles of being short:

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The Questions

The Questions One of the biggest struggles of being short is answering peoples' questions. "How tall ARE you?" Ugh. Go away. There's also the "What size shoes do you wear?" question. If you must know, my 6 year old niece and I can share shoes, okay? While we're at it, also don't ask us questions like “How’s the weather down there?” and “Do you shop in the kids’ section?” Maybe I do, maybe I don't.


The incessant inquiries can become a quirky obstacle course of diplomacy for anyone vertically challenged. There's this irresistible urge for some to treat your stature like a public domain, open for commentary and probing. And oh, the classic: "Can you reach that for me?" as they point to a shelf arranged for giants, not humans. But hey, let's not forget the 'endearing' remarks comparing us to hobbits or suggesting we get a child's ticket for the fare discount. It's not just personal; it's a small-sized reality check, one that tests our patience probably more than our ability to reach the top cabinet.


Everything is out of Reach

Everything is out of Reach And I mean EVERYTHING! It's not even funny just how many times you've had to awkwardly climb up your kitchen counter to reach the top shelves. The positive? You're now a climbing expert. It's pretty much the same situation everywhere else including the grocery shop and clothing stores. You almost always have to ask for help or look for a step ladder. And if you're in a train or bus, you better sit down because you're never going to reach those handles.


Weight Gain

When you're short, it's hard to disguise weight gain, no matter how little it is. In fact, a couple of months back, I got asked if I was pregnant! Boo.


You Are so Slow

You Are so Slow Have you tried walking with a tall person? It's hard to keep up because your short legs can only move so fast. So, while they end up looking graceful like a gazelle, you end up looking like a clumsy dodo bird.


Shopping for Clothes is a Nightmare

Jeans are too long, even when they're petite, which means you have to spend extra money to alter them. Midi dresses end up looking like maxi dresses on you. Forget about maxi dresses altogether. Crop tops look like regular tops. And if nothing works out, you can always shop at the kids' section...which can be both a blessing and a curse!


Concert? What Concert?

Did you come to watch Lady Gaga perform? Tough luck because all you're going to see is the back of the person in front of you. But hey, it's all about LISTENING to the music, right? Ditto at the movies and any other event you'll ever go to.


Heels Are Your Best Friend...and Your Worst Enemy

Heels Are Your Best Friend...and Your Worst Enemy You love heels because they make you look just a little bit taller but by the end of the night, you are ready to murder someone, because let's face it...they ****ing hurt! The worst part is, if everyone else decides to wear heels as well, you end up being the shortest AGAIN and you're like "What's the point of enduring all this pain?"


You're Always the Elf...

or dwarf, or pixie, or hobbit, or a leprechaun with a pot of gold. "Can't I play a normal sized character?" You wish!


Using a Lift Cushion to Drive

Depending on how short you are, you may need a lift cushion to be able to see over the car's dashboard, because it’s the last time you want to have the “OMG what did I just run over?” scare. And if you're not driving, you will be in the middle or on someone's lap.


Being the "cute" One

Being the "cute" One Why is that the only adjective people use for short girls? There's nothing wrong with being cute, but come on, I can be a million other things!

Despite all the struggles of being a short girl, there are perks too. Cuddling is so much better, because you’re “fun size”. You almost never have to duck. People always mistake you for being younger than you are, which will be a blessing when you're 50. And let's not forget, more leg room everywhere! So embrace your height and show yourself some love!

What are some struggles you have faced as a short woman?

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I often get people thinking I'm 12/13 when I'm really 17 years old... But funny and cute for all us little gals!!

My short legs are pretty fast dude, my friends have to keep up with me

My sis is 6'0 so I so know the walking thing. It's like I am jogging and she is in a slow gait! Ugh

I'm 4'10 and 15 and I agree with all of these but sometimes I like being short

I'm ok with my shortness and cuteness. Kids clothes are cheaper too. Climbing in the kitchen is a bummer though!

People always think I'm 12 too it sucks

5'2 is not that short lol

I know I stopped growing I'm 5' 1 and 20 years old....bleh

My mom is 44 and 4'11. I'm 15 and 5'8. Family pictures are fun!

True but am 5'1 full of fun sexy as I wanna be 😜

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