7 Ways Not Giving a Damn Will Make You Happier ...


7 Ways Not Giving a Damn Will Make You Happier ...
7 Ways Not Giving a Damn Will Make You Happier ...

There are tons of ways not giving a damn will make you happier. People care too much about what others think of them, which can ruin their life and self-confidence. Instead of worrying about how many people like you and how pretty you look, try shrugging things off. Here are some ways not giving a damn will make you happier:

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Opens up Opportunities

When you worry about what your crush thinks of you, you'll end up embarrassing yourself by stuttering and stammering whenever he walks by. But if you don't care about what he thinks of you, then it'll be way easier for you to walk up to him and start a conversation. You'll be at ease and won't hate yourself if you end up saying something silly. It's just one of the ways not giving a damn will make you happier.


Saves More Sweet Time

How long does it take you to apply your makeup in the morning and pick out the perfect outfit? Well, once you stop caring about how great you look, you'll have a lot more time on your hands. Plus, you won't spend the entire day hoping that your hair hasn't fallen out of place. Not caring just helps your stress fly away.


It's Wonderful Being Weird

Why do you love hanging out with your best friend? Because you can be weird around them without getting looked at funny. Well, if you don't give a damn about anyone else's opinion, you can act that weird all the time. People will stare, but you just won't care. You'll be too busy having fun.


You'll Learn New Knowledge

If you don't give a damn, you won't miss out on fun experiences. When your friends invite you out to sing Karaoke, you won't turn them down. When you decide you want to learn how to play the guitar, you won't second guess your decision because you're afraid you'll fail. You'll try tons of new things.


You'll Make More Mates

People respond better to individuals who are happy and judgement free. No one wants to be stuck around someone who is always upset, which is why people will start flocking to you once you stop caring. As long as you don't stop caring so much so that you become unbearably rude, you're going to gain friends.


You'll Realize Reality

Once you stop giving a damn about everything, you'll realize just how silly your stress in the past was. You shouldn't make yourself sick over things when you could let them roll off of your back instead. It takes time to learn how to deal with your stress in a healthy way, but once you get used to it, you won't even have to think about it.


Life is Legitimately Rough

Life is difficult, but you don't want to focus on the bad parts. When you don't care about anything, you'll still find joy in the happy things in life, but you'll stop becoming sad over the disappointing things in life.

There's no reason to stress out about life when you could let things roll off of your back. The less you care, the happier you'll be. Do you care too much about what other people think or are you good at not giving a damn about other people's opinions?

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Or, "Grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." ❤️😃

I learned this lesson a long time ago, and it was totally worth it !

Cool , this is nice 😎

Too many people care what other people think dont!

I need to bear this in mind and so does my daughter. Age and life experience have helped me see life in this way but I'm still guilty sometimes and it's never helpful. And when you're older you can read all these and see for sure that the author is spot on right. We shouldn't give a shit what anyone thinks. As long as we're happy and kind :)

Hey Jennapher, great quote!

Don't know about number 2 .. I like to try look good always .. But I definitely might go out looking like a slob sometimes , I'd rather try look like I want to be part of the world , the living lol

Well I totally agree with this I have that problem were I care about what ppl think of me so I want to be like how you said but doesn't that take time ?

Absolutely Love this it is so true, and when we stop caring what others are going to think you start being yourself

To be comfortable , because when I talk to people I don't usally talk to i never know what to say or how to act and my voice just comes out in a bored tone with btw I'm never bored when I am with new ppl it's just my voice ... If that makes since . I just want to be care free so bad and now that I think about I think I lost a lot of friends by caring what ppl think because I am always so quiet now before I would be so loud

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