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There are so many cool ways to cope without Scandal. It's tough being without one of the most addictive shows, but we're all in this together! Seriously, is there a support group for Scandal Withdrawals?! Until there is, use these ways to cope without Scandal. You'll be surprised at how fast time will fly. The show will be back in no time! P.S. avoid this article if you aren't entirely caught up with the show!

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The most logical thing to do when a show is on hiatus is to watch the previous seasons over and over again, right? Right. That's what Netflix is for, my friends. Watch the series on repeat if you must! I can't say it'll cure your withdrawal symptoms but it'll definitely cushion the blow. Who knows, maybe you'll catch something you missed the second time around. Binge-watching the series is just one of the ways to cope without Scandal!


Comfort Foods

Must I really explain this? Comfort food will do exactly as it says, comfort you. Grab your favorite chocolates, your bowl of popcorn and your huge wine glass. These will be your best friends as you binge-watch the show. I mean, has chocolate ever let you down? It'll help you deal with the fact that'll be a couple of months until you can watch new episodes.


Tweet the Cast

Whenever you're missing Olivia and the rest of the gang, try tweeting the actors! They're all on Twitter and most of them even live-tweet through every new episode. That'll come in handy when season 4 returns! Let them know exactly how you're feeling - chances are they're missing Scandal just as much as you are!


Think up Alternate Endings

One awesome way to pass the time to think up alternate endings! I mean, what would have happened if Mama Pope killed Papa Pope? Would Fitz have won the election if his son wasn't killed? The possibilities are endless!


Watch the Cast's Other Projects

A lot of the actors from Scandal have done some awesome projects! Did you know Tony Goldwyn (the president himself) was in the hit movie, Divergent?! It's a must-watch!


Quote the Show

I don't know about you, but I try to work the word "gladiator" into regular conversation as many times as possible. It's just so much fun! Make it a challenge and see how many Scandal words and phrases you can incorporate into your day to day life. For example, whenever you accomplish something (even something as easy as putting away the dishes), yell out, "It's handled." You won't have time to miss Olivia Pope because you'll be feeling like you ARE her!


Guess Where Olivia and Jake Are

In the season finale of Scandal, we see Jake and Olivia board a plane together. They're both giving up what they have to go on a new adventure together, one without all of this crazy drama. But, where exactly are they going? A fun way to work through your Scandal withdrawal is to imagine where the two are headed! Keep track of all your guesses and see just how right/wrong you were when the show returns.

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome ways that you can cope until the return of ABC's Scandal! How have you been managing? Share your tips on surviving Scandal Withdrawal in the comments section!

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my guess is that Jake will somehow be some evil dude

olivia is going to want to get off the plane and run back to fitz and move to vermont together and make jam

i'm just watching it right now!

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