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7 Ways to Get an Annoying Roommate to Move out ...

By Alison

We've all wished we knew some ways to get an annoying roommate to move out. Everybody that's ever shared an apartment or house has a number of stories about their strange, annoying or crazy roommates. We've all known someone that we wished would just pack up and leave. But how do you persuade them to depart? Imagine if you could try these extreme ways to get an annoying roommate to move out …

1 Be Even More Irritating

One of the ways to get an annoying roommate to move out could be to be even more annoying than they are. That might take some doing, considering how much they're annoying you. Plus they'll then tell stories about how crazy you are. But it could be worth it if you finally get rid of them.

2 Have You Found God?

If your roommate is not a religious person, then perhaps it's time you started inviting those nice religious chaps around to chat about God. Of course, you should make sure that they turn up when your roommate is home (and preferably alone in the house). Tell them that your roommate is really keen to learn all about the word of God …


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3 Feline Help

Do you have a pet cat? Enlist its help in persuading your roommate to move out. Cats can be evil when it comes to humans. Get the cat to leave presents in your roommate's shoes and throw up on their bed (preferably under the covers so that they only find out when they actually get into bed). Reward the cat with tuna and they will happily be your partner in crime.

4 Get a Scary Pet

You've always fancied getting a pet snake, spider or scorpion, haven't you? At least, that's what you'll tell your roommate. If they object, play the emotional blackmail card. They wouldn't want to be responsible for the poor creature being made homeless, would they?

5 Opposition

People like to share with others who have the same habits and lifestyle as they do. So suddenly and inexplicably become the exact opposite of your annoying roommate. If they're clean-living, have parties every night. If they sleep late, vacuum the house at 8am every morning. They can't complain if you're keeping the house nice and tidy, can they?

6 Phobias

Does your roommate have a phobia? If not, do your best to give them a paranoid fear of something. If you know that they're scared of something, that's your answer. Get rid of them by filling the house with balloons, spiders or the color pink. They won't last long once they're confronted with their phobia all the time.

7 Join a Band

Finally, resurrect your college ambitions to be a musician and join a band. Never mind if you haven't the slightest shred of talent or singing ability. In fact, the worse you are, the better. Pick a genre that your roommate hates, and invite your fellow band members to rehearse - a lot - in your garage/ room/ lounge. Your roommate will undoubtedly not form a fan club.

Sadly, you can't really try any of these tactics. However annoying your roommate may be, it wouldn't be nice. But when they're driving you mad, it's nice to daydream about how you could persuade them to move out. What annoying roommate stories do you have?

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