Ways to Handle πŸ“– a Crazy 😜 Soccer Parent for Sports Moms πŸ† out There ...

If you're here, you're probably looking for ways to handle a crazy soccer parent. Have you ever thought to yourself, β€œMannnnnn! I wish I could say EXACTLY what I want to say and do EXACTLY what I want to do right now!” I wish I could let a few people β€œhave it!” I just want to have a complete melt down and NOT reap any adverse consequences. Wouldn’t that be freaking AWESOME if we could get away with it? LOL! Let me ask you, what would you do if you ever have that one amazing opportunity to just β€œrip someone to shreds?” Well in case you are having difficulties coming up with answers, I would like to help you out to make sure you are prepared to β€œgive it to them” good!! LOL!

Since football season (or soccer) is upon us, why not start with a scenario that you may encounter this season and how you should approach it if given that one chance! Let’s get started!!!

Have you ever been to a football game and sat next to a parent that CONSTANTLY BITC&%ED about EVERYTHING? They rant and rave about the ref’s β€œsuck”, they drop the β€œF” bomb at least 97,000 times a game, they are mad because their son is not getting enough playing time, they throw things down, constantly standing up and sitting down, etc.?? You know stupid sh!t like that! They are just being a complete A-hole! Well if you EVER get that one golden moment to approach someone who fits this description, let me help you prepare to unleash the beast inside! LOL! Here are the best ways to handle a crazy soccer parent.

1. You Need to Stare at Them

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One of the easiest ways to handle a crazy soccer parent is to stare at them, and I mean stare so hard that they start to feel uncomfortable.

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