7 Ways to Spend Time around a Bonfire ...


Summer is the perfect season for lighting a bonfire and lounging around it with your closest friends. After you're done applying sunscreen and mosquito repellant, you're going to need some fun things to occupy your time. If you don't have anything interesting in mind, here are a few ways to spend time around a bonfire:

1. Marshmallow Making Contest

If you're going to sit around a bonfire, marshmallows are a requirement. Instead of roasting them and popping them right into your mouths, you should host a contest. Bring out a few extra ingredients, like whipped cream and chocolate chips, to see who can make the funniest looking face on a paper plate. Of course, you should always have some graham crackers nearby, because there are going to be girls itching for S'mores.

Made up Songs
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