7 Ways to Spend Time around a Bonfire ...

By Holly

7 Ways to Spend Time around a Bonfire ...

Summer is the perfect season for lighting a bonfire and lounging around it with your closest friends. After you're done applying sunscreen and mosquito repellant, you're going to need some fun things to occupy your time. If you don't have anything interesting in mind, here are a few ways to spend time around a bonfire:

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1 Marshmallow Making Contest

If you're going to sit around a bonfire, marshmallows are a requirement. Instead of roasting them and popping them right into your mouths, you should host a contest. Bring out a few extra ingredients, like whipped cream and chocolate chips, to see who can make the funniest looking face on a paper plate. Of course, you should always have some graham crackers nearby, because there are going to be girls itching for S'mores.

2 Made up Songs

Instead of playing guitar and singing classic campfire songs, you can make up your own. Sit in a circle and have one person sing a random line of a made-up song, and then have the person next to them say the next lyric. Go on and on until you have an awesome new tune.

3 Made up Stories

This game is the same as the last, except you won't be singing. This time, you're each going to say a line that contributes to the scariest (or silliest) ghost story of all time. It's a great way to make the night fly by when you can't think of an actual ghost story to tell. Making one up is way more fun than hearing a real one, anyway.

4 Murder Mysteries

If you want to keep to the spooky theme, you can play a murder mystery game. However, you're going to have to set up a few things ahead of time. You'll need to create characters for everyone that seem suspicious, although only one person is the real murderer. Check out wikihow.com for tips on how to prepare your murder mystery game. Just remember that you can give it a funny twist by basing the characters off of celebrities that we all know and love.

5 Burning Your Problems on Paper

It's time for you and your girls to get out all of your frustrations. Give everyone a piece of paper that they can write their problems on, and then let them throw them into the fire and watch them burn. Of course, if you want to make this more silly than serious, you can each write down a funny but embarrassing moment that has happened to you and read them all aloud. Then you can all guess who said what before tossing the papers into the flames.

6 Traditional Games

There are plenty of traditional games that you can play with your friends, like Two Truths and a Lie, Truth or Dare, or Telephone. As long as you keep the games lighthearted, everyone's going to have a great time.

7 Reminisce

It's time for you to go around in a circle and name the silliest moments you've ever shared with the person to your left. This works best when you're with a group of close knit friends. However, it could also be fun to do with strangers, because your "favorite moments" will be something ridiculous, like "that time we looked at each other from across the room."

Sitting around a bonfire is much more fun when you're surrounded by friends and funny games. What do you and your friends like to do around the bonfire?

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Lmao Burning Problems on paper aka running from the truth! worth it LOL

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