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21 Ways to Tell You Were Raised by Helicopter Parents ...

By Heather

Helicopter parents are those parents that think their kid can do no wrong, that believe that everyone should get a trophy, no matter what. These are parents that want to cling on a little tighter and never, ever let go. If you were raised by these clingy, friends-first, amazingly close parents, you'll relate to some of these gifs!

Table of contents:

  1. They are always there … even when you are in your 40's
  2. Most parents do
  3. Your parents believe this about you … no matter what
  4. They are sarcastic
  5. They teach you awesome life-skills
  6. They pay … for everything
  7. They encourage, no matter what
  8. You're begging for freedom
  9. This is a real feeling
  10. It's a real thing
  11. Or … maybe your parents did everything for you
  12. They enroll you in everything to ensure you are 'well-rounded'
  13. They certainly are
  14. I'm finally moving out
  15. They are friends/followers on every one of your social accounts
  16. They are always poor, until allowance day
  17. They hang out with your friends too
  18. No matter what, they believe that you are the voice of your generation – and they love you to death

1 They Are Always There … Even when You Are in Your 40's

2 Most Parents do

3 Your Parents Believe This about You … No Matter What

4 They Are Sarcastic

5 They Teach You Awesome Life-skills

6 They Pay … for Everything

7 They Encourage, No Matter What

8 You're Begging for Freedom

9 This is a Real Feeling

10 It's a Real Thing

11 Or … Maybe Your Parents Did Everything for You

12 They Enroll You in Everything to Ensure You Are 'well-rounded'

13 They Certainly Are

14 I'm Finally Moving out

15 They Are Friends/followers on Every One of Your Social Accounts

16 They Are Always Poor, until Allowance Day

17 They Hang out with Your Friends Too

21 No Matter What, They Believe That You Are the Voice of Your Generation – and They Love You to Death

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