7 Ways Women Prepare for Dates Vs How Men Prepare ...

By Holly

7 Ways Women Prepare for Dates Vs How Men Prepare ...

Men and women aren't all that different, except when it comes to a few specific things. While men might try their hardest to impress women on the first date, they don't have to prepare for nearly as long as we do. Here are a few ways women prepare for dates versus how most men seem to prepare:

Table of contents:

  1. shaving
  2. make-up
  3. outfits
  4. bags
  5. advice
  6. periods
  7. time

1 Shaving

Shaving When a man prepares for a date, all he has to do is spend a few minutes in front of a mirror, tidying up his facial hair. Meanwhile, women will spend an hour in the shower to shave their legs, underarms, and even bikini lines if they think the man will be lucky enough to catch them in their underwear. Plus, women have to tweeze their eyebrows and pluck out any hairs they find in unusual places.

2 Make-up

Make-up Women have to decide whether they should cake on their make-up or just apply a tiny bit of lipgloss. They also have to fix their chipped nail polish. Meanwhile, all men have to do is wash their face. They might even skip that step if they're feeling fresh enough. They can pretty much step out of the house the way they are when they wake up, and we wouldn't notice.

3 Outfits

Outfits Men will go through their drawers to find something clean and put it on. They know they shouldn't wear something too fancy like a suit, or too casual like a tank top, so they don't have many options. Meanwhile, women have to figure out if they should show off their legs or cleavage. They even have to find matching underwear that'll make their body look irresistible.

4 Bags

Bags Women need to have the perfect bag for any occasion. If we usually carry around a huge pocketbook, but the date is at a club, we'll have to put all of our items in a clutch instead. It'll take a while to fire out which items to bring, because we don't have much space. Meanwhile, men have large pockets they could stuff anything into, but they only choose to bring their keys and wallet.

5 Advice

Advice Women will spend hours on the phone, asking their friends what dress and perfume to wear. Meanwhile, men will only call up their friends to brag about the fact that they might get laid.

6 Periods

Periods If you end up getting your period on the day of a date, you'll freak out. You can no longer wear the cute white pants you planned to wear. Now you need to find something else in a short amount of time. Plus, during the whole date you'll be hoping he doesn't try to touch you down there. Meanwhile, all men have to worry about is if they remembered to wash their underwear.

7 Time

Time Men complain when women take too long to get ready, but they don't understand how much preparation it takes for us. In reality, we're the ones who were responsible enough to start getting ready an hour early while he only started getting ready ten minutes before he was supposed to leave. It's not our fault he doesn't require much maintenance.

Of course, all men and women are different, so this list doesn't apply to everybody out there. However, it's funny to think about! How long does it take you to prepare for a date?

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