7 Ways Your Dog Says, "I Love You!" when No One else Will ...

If you're feeling lonely, remember that your pet adores you, and that there are tons of ways your dog says, "I love you!" You're his owner, and his life is in your hands. You're the one who feeds him, walks him, and pets him. How could he like anyone else more? The next time you're feeling sad, remember that there are dozens of ways your dog says, "I love you!"

1. Unbearable Barking

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He won't shut up when he hears the smallest noise, but it's not because he's trying to annoy you. He loves you, and he wants to protect you. What if the garbage truck he hears outside is actually a murderer coming to take you away? He needs to warn you, because he couldn't live without you. Barking is one of the many ways your dog says, "I love you!"

2. Loving Licks

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When your pup runs over to you and licks your face, you wipe off his germs. However, he's trying to give you a kiss! It's not as nice as when your partner kisses you, but hey, it's something. Be happy that someone wants to give you a little affection.

3. Stepping over Stuff

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You're trying to do work on your laptop when your dog jumps on your lap and presses buttons on the keyboard. He's not trying to sabotage your education or work. He just wants the spotlight to be on him. He loves you, so he wants all of the attention. He'll do whatever he can to get it.

4. Playful Pup

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Even if you're trying to get to sleep, he wants to play. He'll walk around with a ball or toy, trying to convince you to join in on the fun. He doesn't realize that you have work in the morning, and he's only trying to get you to enjoy life. What's the harm in playing a little fetch? He's the one running around. All you have to do is sit there.

5. Drags You around

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If you have a large dog, then going for walks can be a real adventure. You want to go down one street, but your dog may try to drag you down another. He just wants to show you the world, so why stop him? Sure, you should be the one leading him, but sometimes dogs just want to have fun.

6. Lives on Leg

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Does your dog jump onto your leg in order to show his... affection? It's not something you want him to do, but it shows you how much he likes you. Dogs can be better company than humans, so it's a compliment, really.

7. Wags Away

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When you come home, who's the first one to meet you at the door? Your parents or partner or kids aren't ever as excited to see you as your pup is. No matter how many times you walk through that door, he'll be there to greet you. His whole day is spent hoping you'll come back soon.

If you've ever had a puppy, you know how loving they can be. They can turn into your best buddy in a matter of days. You don't even need any human friends when you have a dog waiting for you at home. Do you have a dog, or any other animals? What are their names?

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