7 Weird Wacky Things All Best Friends do ...


Your BFF is so much more than just a friend--she's practically your sister. She's been with you through it all, so she's seen you at your best and at your worst. Although she's witnessed every side of you, her favorite is your psychotic side, the side that you'd be embarrassed for anyone else to see. Here are some weird, wacky things all best friends do:

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Constant Chats

Constant Chats You could spend hours texting your BFF, and you do. It doesn't matter if you just got home from hanging out with her, because you still have more to say. If anyone else viewed your conversations, they wouldn't understand them, because they consist of weird emojis, random words, and inside jokes.


Invalid Insults

Invalid Insults You insult your BFF way more than you insult your enemies. Why? Because she understands that the curse words you call her are purely meant out of love. You'll call her every horrific name that you can think of one second, and then the next second you'll be hanging on her and telling her how much you love her.


Telepathic Talks

Telepathic Talks You don't have to talk to your BFF, because she knows exactly what you're thinking at any given time. When your crush walks by, she'll give you a look. When your teacher mentions your favorite celebrity, she'll give you another look. You don't have to say a word to know exactly what she means by those stares.


One Word

One Word There's always that word or phrase that makes you and your BFF burst into laughter, because it reminds you of a certain memory. No one else will have any clue about why you're laughing and when you try to explain it, they'll look at you like you're crazy. That's why you're better off sticking with your BFF and avoiding every other human on the planet.


Bogus Bands

Bogus Bands Every pair of friends decides to start a band at one point or another. Even if you can't play any instruments or sing on key, you'll think up a band name and try to scribble down some song lyrics. Of course, you'll eventually forget about the idea and move on to the next crazy one. Maybe you'll create your own fashion show this time...


Senseless Sleepovers

Senseless Sleepovers Sleepovers are the best thing that could possibly happen to you two. What's better than spending all day with your BFF? Spending the night with her, too! You'll either spend the whole evening surfing the web together, or you'll yell at her for keeping you up when you just want to get back to your dream about Ryan Gosling. Either way, you'll miss her when she leaves in the morning.


Playful Psychopaths

Playful Psychopaths The best part of having a BFF? You don't have to pretend to be normal. In fact, your BFF will be worried if you don't act like a total psychopath. You're able to be yourself, even if that means speaking in baby voices and dancing around like a lunatic. It's just how you express yourself.

Go tell your BFF that you love her! She deserves to be complimented, so don't forget to shoot her a text telling her how lucky you are to have her in your life. Do you and your BFF do any or all of these things?

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Lmbo all this so true.#youknow

Literally I do all of these with my best friend she's my Julie

Years ago me and my best friend read out a full script of our favourite film, we even did the voices! It was so funny haha 😂

OMG this is so true me and my bestfriend grace

Me and my sister do this! So true!

Lol me and my bestie all the time. The girls in our class think we're weird but they obviously haven't had a best friend before

Lol I'm in class and randomly i read this article and it's so accurate i do this with my best friend we are not normal when we are together

The only thing I don't do with my best friend is sleep over because he is a boy!

OMG this is so true me and my bestfriend grace

My best friends and I are totally guilty of all of these!! Lol

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