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What Are Zen Pencils Im Glad You Asked ...

By Jennifer

Melbourne-based Artist Gavin Aung Than is a genius, plain and simple, turning our most-loved inspirational quotes from historical figures into art. His recent comic strip featuring a little girl feeling insecure about her unibrow has gone viral, and once you see it, you'll understand why.

(To see the comics full-size, give the image a tap.)

Table of contents:

  1. Strange like me
  2. Desiderata
  3. Marcus aurelius
  4. All the world's a stage
  5. It is only following our nature
  6. The gift of life
  7. A lifetime of learning
  8. Mutual weirdness
  9. Work is love made visible
  10. Courage is exhilarating
  11. Because it's there
  12. Ozymandias
  13. A journey of a thousand miles
  14. The fears are paper tigers
  15. It costs nothing to encourage an artist
  16. Full body education
  17. A screen writer's advice
  18. A spark of madness
  19. Great people do things before they're ready
  20. If you love someone, set them free
  21. Phenomenal woman
  22. Sit down and read
  23. Produce your own dream
  24. Invictus
  25. The fringe benefits of failure

1 Strange like Me

2 Desiderata

3 Marcus Aurelius

4 All the World's a Stage

5 It is Only following Our Nature

6 The Gift of Life

7 A Lifetime of Learning

8 Mutual Weirdness

9 Work is Love Made Visible

10 Courage is Exhilarating

11 Because It's There

12 Ozymandias

13 A Journey of a Thousand Miles

14 The Fears Are Paper Tigers

15 It Costs Nothing to Encourage an Artist

16 Full Body Education

17 A Screen Writer's Advice

18 A Spark of Madness

19 Great People do Things before They're Ready

20 If You Love Someone, Set Them Free

21 Phenomenal Woman

22 Sit down and Read

23 Produce Your Own Dream

24 Invictus

25 The Fringe Benefits of Failure

To see more of Gavin's work, visit his website at

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