The Long Asked Question ❔: What if Men Got Periods 🤔 ...

What if men experienced periods? I often wonder about that, especially since there are so many aspects of women's health in which men are involved. Our reproductive health makes it into the news all the time, you know? There's the tampon tax, the idea of paid time off for painful periods – some guys get awfully mad about these things. I'm not going to go all political, though. I'm just going to indulge in a little daydream because I think the world would be a much different place if guys had periods.

(A/N: Let me specify that I know some men do, indeed, have periods, and many women do not. This post poses the question of what might happen if cisgender men had periods. Carry on!)

1. Free Pads and Tampons for Everyone

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They'd be handed out everywhere, in all sizes, just like condoms! And those sad little dispensers in bathrooms? Those would finally get replaced

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