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Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers out there, and for good reason. She's an inspiration to women everywhere, because she proves that a sweet, hardworking lady can go far. If you're a fan of hers, it's probably impossible to pick a favorite song, but you can try to narrow it down to one of the ones on this list. Here's what your favorite Taylor Swift song says about you:

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Shake It off

Shake It off You love to dance like no one's watching, because you don't care who sees--even though your moves are probably worthy of embarrassment (to be fair, so are some of Taylor's moves and she's doing pretty darn well for herself). You can't stand all the Swift haters, because you think she's one of the best artists of our generation. Who cares if she falls for a lot of boys--so do you, except you're stuck with jerks while Taylor got Jonas.



22 If you're 22, you only love this song because it makes you feel good about your age. By the time you're 23, it'll have lost its luster. However, if you're younger, then the song will make you wish that you were 22. It'll give you unrealistic expectations about your early 20s that will cruelly disappoint you once you actually reach the age. There's nothing special about it, unless you're Taylor and get to sell out concerts for a living.


Teardrops on My Guitar

Teardrops on My Guitar If you love this song, you miss the old Taylor, but won't admit it. Sure, she looks gorgeous with straight hair, but you miss the curls that used to take up her entire album cover. Of course, she's beautiful no matter what her hairstylist does to her.


Speak Now

Speak Now The guy you're madly in love with is dating another girl whose name should be listed next to every curse word in the dictionary. You don't even want to dream about your wedding day, because you'd rather dream about wrecking hers. She doesn't deserve him, and you'll write your own Taylor Swift inspired lyrics about it until he sees the truth.



Mean If this is your favorite song, you're sick of getting picked on and made fun of. Sure, you do it to other people in your mind and within the privacy of your own home, but you ignore that fact. This song totally wasn't written about you, it was written for you. You don't have a mean bone in your body.


Love Story

Love Story You want to be treated like a true princess. No, you don't want to be locked up in a tower and stripped of all your freedom, only to wait for a man to save you from your horrible life. You just want to be called beautiful and kiss a man on a horse. Once you find such a man and get your heart broken by him, your favorite song will be White Horse instead.


Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw If you love this song, you're probably just as big of a Tim McGraw fan as Taylor is. Of course, it also means that you're a huge T-Swift fan, because not many people have heard of this tune. Maybe it would've been more popular if the lyrics were, "When you think Harry Styles, I hope you think of me."

All jokes aside, Taylor is one of the sweetest, silliest, most talented women in the music industry. It's impossible to listen to one of her songs without smiling, because she understands what girls across the globe go through. What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?

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I love her any way, although her older songs had more personality - White Horse and You Belong to me were great songs!

Mean is my absolute favorite :)

I miss her country. It put me in a fairytale and her voice was beautiful. Now that she switched to pop, her personality sucks and it makes her voice sound out of tune

I also love blank space

Love story is my favorite and yes I want to be a princess lucky I have found my prince.

There are so many songs that I love, I don't think it's possible to choose!!!!

@Isabelle Rossignuolo I agree!! Mine was brilliant, and I like her old songs more.

P.S. Mine also was a brilliant song, very unique!

I miss her country albums. loved her early stuff so much...

Dear John is my fave

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