Why πŸ€” Every πŸ’― Woman πŸ‘© Really is Bridget Jones 😱 ...

You have read the books, you have seen the movies, you have laughed and cried along with her mishaps and hilarities, but have you ever considered the fact that you might be more like Bridget Jones than you would like to think? She’s a beloved character with a lot going for her, but she has an equal amount of flaws too. Which ones are most relatable to you as a person? Here is why every woman is Bridget Jones and maybe more than they might like to admit!

1. Tricky Relationships

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We are much more likely to relate to Bridget’s nightmarish romantic history than to same fairy tale Princess who gets whisked off at the very first attempt! We’ve been on those bad dates, we’ve been involved in those sticky love triangles, we’ve made fools of ourselves and just like Bridget, we keep on going back for more!

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