5 Absolutely True Reasons Why Men Suck Sometimes in Comparison to Women ...

By Kendyl

5 Absolutely True  Reasons Why Men Suck Sometimes in Comparison to Women ...

Lately I've been kind of a man hater. Even though the majority of my friends are guys I still think it's important for us to connect here. Sometimes guys suck and these are some reasons that I've seen for myself. Hope you can relate here.

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product, interaction, girl, Men tend to forget about a lot of things. Sometimes it's not a big deal, but I can turn into one. Like when they forget your birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day. When that happens it makes you feel not so special and guys just can't see that.


gentleman, photo caption, In my life there have been guys who underestimated me. I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who has experienced this. Guys just look at us like we're babies who are fragile and aren't capable of much. Well obviously they're dead wrong. If they opened up their eyes and actually had some faith in us things could be a lot better.

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Yeah, sometimes men do things that aren't as cool as what women do. Nobody's perfect, and guys can mess up just like anyone else.

Well, some dudes might not be as good at listening, or they could be a bit lazy around the house. Sometimes they act tough when it's cool to be kind instead. It's not all guys, but some can be like that.

For sure! Guys can learn and change just like anybody. They can get better at stuff they're not great at, like talking about feelings or helping out more.

Nope, not all men are bad at the same stuff. Every guy is different, so some might be really good at things that others aren't. It's about the person, not just if they're a man or woman.

Sometimes it's just for laughs, like making a joke. Other times it's because some men do things that are not so cool, and it can make it seem like they're not as caring or smart as women. But remember, it's not true for every guy out there.


face, person, head, human, screenshot, Most guys think that the world revolves around them. Well I hate to break it to them but it doesn't. There's this thing called compromising and learning to swallow your pride. Guys can be very difficult to communicate with and they throw fits if things don't go their way. They need to learn that they aren't always going to be in control. For once they should let us have a say or meet in the middle. It's not the end of the world if things don't go their way.


eyewear, sunglasses, vision care, glasses, forehead, Men are dogs and that's the fact of life. All they see is an item that's used to pleasure their sexual needs. Well we're actually human beings. We have thoughts and opinions on the issues society faces today. We aren't sex toys for the boys.


socialite, conversation, girl, I swear a man can get away with much more than a woman can. They probably feel the same way about us but they're naive if they can't see their own privileges. A guy can walk around shirtless without a problem, but if a girl does it she gets charged and arrested. Guys can go around and sleep with whoever they like and get praises for it, but if a woman does it she's known as a slut and she's shamed. It amazes me to how many guys just can't see this. Maybe they should stand up for us more often.

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#4 it is ashame that men do this, as eventually it will turn and bite them in the ass, your relationship with spouse is not all about sex, as eventually this will change,, yes of course it is important but a man needs to be realistic about this, sex is about love and beautiful gift between two people, as an expression of love, intimacy, bonding together. and men do take things personally, and make all about them, again, and again, they do not learn. the ones that do, good for them, women are not sexual toys or objects either, you do not have the right to do whatever you wish with womens bodies, just to pleasure your own needs, tis a two system not just one.

#1 they do not use their brains, they are located in their genitals.

#2 men do have ego problems, always have always will, they are very insecure, they want to be above women, religion has alot to do with this, before religion equality was there amongst men and women according to history, and then it changed, if men think women are so weak, you try being preganant and go through child birth, so how weak we are.

#4 they have nothing more to offer

bruh you a goofy female. you aint ever felt true happiness. find you a man or a woman or they or a them or a black person to hug you and hold you. you need to wake up and smell the roses sweetheart , just cause you got booba dont mean you gotta act like a stuck up child with no sense in the world. Sincerely, Montell Alagonquin Sharell

#2 men are the weak ones

this is so true, thats why it's best just to scare them off, honsetly.

men do need to grow up some do and some donot,and then wonder why the divorce rate is so high , of course they have double standards, what else is new, they do not want to work at a relationship, they only give a damn about themselvs, and what only works for them, rather than work things out and compromise, too much work for them, puts a damper on there life style, and then as they get older, and end up divorced, they regret it and too late.

#3 you are right, which has nothing to do with who is right and or wrong, it has to do with working things out that is good for both of yous and men do not like it when women are leaders, both men and women can be excellent leaders, your spouse can lead in one way and a women in another, that is all, and you share those wonderful skills, and learn from one another and you use those skills as a benefit again ego problems again religion.

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