11 Winter Themed One-Liners for Pun Lovers ...


There are silly winter-themed one-liners that will make you laugh when you're in the right mood. The jokes you tell don't always have to be long, detailed masterpieces. Sometimes, silly little winter-themed one-liners are all you need to start giggling. Here are a few of the most festive puns for the season that you can tell to your family as you walk through the cold:

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Those Who Play Poker in a Snowstorm Must Carefully Shovel Their Decks

This is one of the cutest winter-themed one-liners out there. Of course, shuffling your deck of cards is a little easier than shoveling your deck outside.


Frosty Keeps His Money in a Snow Bank

Where else would Frosty keep his money? He needs to have enough saved up so that he can come back to life each winter.


After Frosty Lied, His Girlfriend Gave Him the Cold Shoulder

There's no better way to punish a snowman. As much as he loves the cold, nobody loves getting the cold shoulder.


Do Birds Know Where They're Going when They Fly South for the Winter or do They Just Wing It Every Time?

Birds are the best at winging things. That's why they always look like they know exactly where they're going, even if they don't have a clue.


The Winter Was Difficult on the Trees, but in the Spring They Were Re-leafed

Aren't you relieved when the sun comes out and bathes you in warmth? Even if you're a fan of the winter, it's always nice to be hot again.


The Stressed out Snowman Had a Meltdown

What else would you expect to happen to a stressed snowman? He has no other choice but to melt and let all of his problems disappear.


When a Boxer Practices in Winter He May Be out Cold

Getting knocked out cold is never fun, but it's even worse when you're out in the actual cold. Boxers barely wear a thing, so they're not prepared for the weather.


I Told the Doctor I Slipped on His Front Step, and He Said, “Icy.”

Even doctors can be funny when they want to be. They deserve to have some fun, too.


An Avalanche is Snow Place for You to Be

As much as you'd like to have a white Christmas, you wouldn't want to get caught in an avalanche. It would make you miss all of your presents.


Reindeer Don't Go to Public School, Because They’re Elf Taught

Elves can do more than make toys for all the little boys and girls of the world. They're also pretty talented teachers, which is why reindeer are so great with directions. They've learned from the best.


As the Winter Snow Turned into Rain, Frosty Began to Realize That Fame Was Sleeting

Frosty can't be famous for ever. We'll all forget about him in the summer, but once the winter comes around again, he'll be back on our televisions.

Even though these jokes are corny, they can still cause smiles. The next time your friend looks a little blue, cheer them up with these ridiculous puns. If they don't giggle, the jokes will at least take their mind off of their issues for a little bit. What's your favorite pun about the winter season?

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Wow as far as puns go these are pretty bad! But funny

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