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There are wise mom sayings that we've all heard our mothers say. Growing up with a mom is always a nurturing experience: mothers tuck you in at night; support you at your soccer games; and kiss all your “boo-boos” better. A mom can also be a grandmother, aunt, cousin, or step-mom that filled the shoes of your biological mother. Let's take a look at a few of these wise mom sayings that have stayed with us even into adulthood.

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“You Can't Start the Day on an Empty Stomach.”

This phrase is very true and one of the many wise mom sayings that I'm sure we've all heard growing up. Even in school they taught us that a good breakfast starts the day off on the right foot. Moms know we can't begin our day without a full stomach and a full surge of energy. Thankfully, they were there to make sure we ate breakfast every morning before heading off to school.


“if You're Too Full to Finish Your Dinner, You're Too Full for Dessert.”

Didn't you just hate this phrase? When you thought you could get away with avoiding dinner to skip straight to the vanilla ice-cream and chocolate cake, your mom would immediately deny you any sweets until you cleared your plate. Growing up, I'm sure you've learned by now that there is some truth to this. It's always best to intake a healthy meal first and then indulge your sweet tooth later.


“I Don't Care What "everyone" is Doing. I Care What YOU Are Doing!”

“They're not my children and I didn't birth them or raise them” is one of the many sayings I used to hear my mother say time and time again. Sometimes you may have wanted to stay up late like your friends or go to the mall by yourself because Kathy's mom placed enough trust in her to do everything without the provision of an adult. However, every mother knows what's best for her child. After all, she is the one raising them, not everybody else.


“You're the Oldest. You Should Know Better.”

As an older sibling, this saying was constantly on repeat. When my younger brother did something foolish or against my parents' permission, I was sometimes reprimanded for his misbehavior--especially if I knew he was doing something he was forbidden to do. He may have gotten a little spanking or punishment, but I was lectured for hours for not taking the initiative as an older sibling should. Thank god he's old enough to vouch for himself now.


“do You Think Your Socks Are Going to Pick Themselves up?”

Mothers play many roles, but one in particular is the best one of them all...the maid. From personal experience, my mom used to clean my room for me while I was at school or pick up after me when I was done eating at the table. She became lazy once I became older and willing to do my own chores (just kidding!). However, learning to clean up after yourself really teaches you how to appreciate all the hard work your mom had to endure when you were a child.


“Nobody Will Ever Love You like Your Mother.”

This statement is definitely one that I hold dear to my heart. No one knows me better than my mom. An attentive mom knows your favorite food, song, and style preference. When you're down she knows how to encourage you to stay strong. When you're happy she enjoys sharing the happiness with you even when she's not feeling happy herself. But, most of all, a mother who is completely involved in your life knows when you're lying or spinning the truth. For me, that's true love!


“Who Said Life Was Going to Be Easy?”

I remember my mom used to tell me to never be in a rush to grow up. At times I despised her household rules and wanted to do things my way. Yet, she would explain to me that my childhood would be the easiest years I would ever experience. She was completely right. Now that I'm older, I've learned that surviving in this world is a struggle at times. Paying bills and providing for myself never comes easy, but I know it's something I have to do. I'm sure that one day I will be saying the exact same phrase to my children. One of the verses in “Mama” by Boyz II Men sums up this topic for me completely:
"You taught me everything
And everything you've given me
I always keep it inside
You're the driving force in my life, yeah."


"if He Likes You, Nothing Will Stop Him from Calling You."

And this is so true, too! If a boy likes you, nothing in the world will stop him from picking up his phone (I mean, he's probably already holding it!) and calling/texting you. If he doesn't call or text, chances are, he's just not that into you.


"Just do Your Best."

This was my mother's mantra, and it's stuck, actually, and is now mine. No matter what you're doing — math homework, college applications, cleaning your room — do your best. It pays off, in the end, as is worth the extra effort for the satisfaction of knowing you gave it your all, win or lose.

What are some other wise sayings from your mother do you remember?


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Lol I still say these things to my son and he's almost 18

I can't wait 'til my teenage daughter (who knows everything of course) realises these things about me!

I treasure those words of wisdom even more that she is no longer with me. A perfect song for these words of wisdom, although sad, is the song "Goodbye" by Celine Dion. The greatest words of wisdom and if you are lucky, the greatest love of all. No one will ever love you like your mom.

My mom always says "one day at a time".

First things first!

so true!

My mom literally tell me this things like all the times

If your friends jumped off a bridge would you?

I love my mommy!!

Haha! Ditto on Cindee's comment!! I thought for sure my crazy mom was the only one to say that. Guess not!

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