50 Witty Mugs to Have Your Morning Coffee or Tea in ...

By Lisa

50 Witty Mugs to Have Your Morning Coffee or Tea in ...

Mornings are hard to deal with, so make yours a little more painless by using one of these witty mugs. There’s nothing quite like a cute and clever mug to make your coffee or tea even more enjoyable whenever you need a little pick-me-up. If you want to send a message to the people around you without having to say a word, pick up one of these mugs today!

1 Bridesmaids-inspired Mug

Via You're More Beautiful than Cinderella ...
If you’re a Bridesmaids fan, I’m sure you recognize this cute quote! Mugs should make you smile and this one will certainly do just that.

2 Handwritten Coffee Mug

Via Handwritten Coffee Mug, if it ...
The perfect mug for weekend mornings! I think this describes pretty much everyone on Saturday morning.

3 Coffee before Talkie

Via Coffee Before Talkie Mug, Coffee ...
Let everyone know that you're just not ready to talk or form thoughts until you've had your caffeine.

4 I'm Sorry Mug

Via Love is...
Similar to the hangry saying, this mug says sorry for you for any crankiness pre-coffee.

5 Cup of Care Mug

Via Cup Of Care Mug Mugs> ...
Zero cares were given.

6 Magnetic Mug

Via Valentines Day Gift Ideas for ...
A really cute set that would make a fun Valentine's or Just Because gift.

7 Tea-Rex Mug

Via T-Rex tea mug, funny mug ...
It's not just all about coffee!

8 For Your Protection Mug

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
I don't drink coffee because I want to, I do it for your protection.

9 Hangry Mug

A fun vocab lesson.

10 Magic Coffee Mug

Via Magic Coffee Mug
Ah, the magic of coffee!

11 Cow Mug

Via Amazon.com: Boston Warehouse Udderly Cows ...
Do you take milk with your coffee or tea?

12 Limited Edition Mason Jar

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
So, this isn't a mug by any means, but the message is still awesome.

13 V for Vodka Travel Mug

Via V is for Vodka Mug ...
V isn't just for Valentine.

14 Fill Line Mug

Via Coffee Mug - Fill Line ...
Your family members and co-workers shouldn't be surprised if you're unresponsive when they talk to you.

15 I Love You Mug

Via You Can Never Have Too ...
Hey, you're just being honest.

16 I Shoot People Mug

Via Amazon.com: I Shoot People Camera ...
A fun mug for photographers.

17 Britney Spears Mug

Via If Britney Can Get Through ...
You can get through today!

18 Color-changing Coffee Mug

Via I liked this design on ...
Tell everyone to stay away when the mug is black.

19 Good or Evil Mug

Via I'm Waiting To See If ...
Wonder which it will be today...

20 Coffee for Murder Mug

Via Coffee For Murder Funny Mug
Be very afraid.

21 I. Can't. Even. Mug

Via Funny Coffee Mug for Mom
Mom is awake!

22 Shhh...mug

Via Items similar to Teachers Rule ...
Care for some wine?

23 Cranky?

Via Items similar to Handwritten Personalized ...
There's no way anyone will mess with you with this mug in your hand!

24 Treat Yo Self!

Via Comical Sitcom Coffee Cups : ...
A friendly reminder to treat yo self and smile.

25 Cat Mug

Via Cat Funny Mug coffee tea ...
Cats always seem to give off that vibe.

26 Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Everyone drinks coffee for different reasons.

27 Studying Mug

Via t.brauksimkopa.lv
Yup, I agree!

28 For Fox Sake!

Via Oh! for fox sake! white ...
This is a super cute mug you could probably make yourself!

29 Mean Girls Inspired Mug

Via Boo you whore coffee mug
For your inner mean girl.

30 That's All Mug

Via Santa Barbara Design 'That's All ...
Yes, this mug pretty sums it all up.

31 Vodka Mug

Via Items similar to Funny Coffee ...
If wine isn't your thing, fill your mug with vodka.

32 Four Score Mug

Via 30 Thank-You Gifts A Teacher ...
Great for teachers and history buffs!

33 Fired Mug

Via funny Coffee Mug, Coffee because ...
You need your coffee.

34 Pot Head Mug

Via Funny Mug tea mug tea ...
This is another mug you could easily DIY. Pot heads unite!

35 Grown Woman

Via Funny Mug coffee tea cup ...
Let everyone know you're a grown woman, you got this!

36 Jellyfish Mug

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Are you jelly? Not even a little bit?

37 I'm Sorry Mug

Via Literally Dont Care Mug - ...
For your sarcastic friend.

38 Hushhh Mug

Via hussh don't speak mug , ...
And now you can speak.

39 Pig Nose Mug

Via Sem T. Ver
Make the people around you smile with this cute snout.

40 Awesome Mug

Via Awesome Funny Mug coffee tea ...
It might not look like I'm doing anything, but I'm busy being awesome.

41 Wine

Via Coffee Mug: There's a chance ...
Yeah, there's a good chance I'm not drinking coffee.

42 Loading Mug

Via Sarcasm Still Loading Mug
Sarcasm upload complete.

43 Grumpy Cat Mug

Via Cute
What's so good about the morning?

44 Mug Lick

Via design-3000.com
My coffee never drips like that, but this is cute.

45 Shut the Front Door Mug

Via Funny Mug coffee tea cup ...
A nice way to let people know how you really feel.

46 I like Big Mugs Mug

Via I Like Big Mug - ...
I'm tired of magazines, saying small mugs are the thing.

47 Book Lover

Via My obsession,my life,my books
You know you like 'em big.

48 Hello Mug

Via Lionel Richie Mug Hello THE ...
Is it tea you're looking for?

49 Your Tears Mug

Via Funny Mug coffee tea cup ...
Your tears are delicious.

50 Too Early Mug

Via Coffee Before Safe Conversation
You've been given fair warning.

Many of these mugs you could easily make yourself, so you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a mug that really shows your personality! Did any of these mugs describe you?

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