You Have to See IKEA's Silly but Sweet Love Manual ...


Let's face it: love can be hard, but according to the wizards at IKEA, it doesn't have to be. They've made us a love manual that's as easy to follow as the instructions for their fab furnishings, and it's truly divine. Let's have a look.

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End the Argument

End the Argument This simple lampshade will end the drama and you'll have a lovely piece of decor, too!


For the Inches-Challenged

For the Inches-Challenged IKEA has the solution for any couple where one is much taller than the other.


Oh, Commitment!

Oh, Commitment! Don't give your commitment-phobic girlfriend a ring! Giver her a tasty treat instead. You'll win her heart and you'll spend a whole lot less.


The Cure for the Unwanted Kink

The Cure for the Unwanted Kink So maybe he's a little TOO into Fifty Shades. Trade in that king (kink?)-sized bed for two twins.



Martin! Replace the man who broke your heart with a chair bearing the same name.


Mend Your Broken Heart

Mend Your Broken Heart Sometimes it takes two to mend your broken heart.

Aren't these just so cute? Now I'm off to IKEA to find the love (or loveseat) of my life.

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Cute indeed!

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