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You Won't Stop Laughing at This Woman's Impressions of Celebs Stuck in Traffic ...

By Vanessa

If you're a fan of celebrity impressions (who isn't?), then Lauren O'Brien is the girl for you. The comedian, who started off with a #CelebritiesStuckInTraffic series on Instagram (@thelaurenobrien), compiled them all together for one hilarious video. Not only does she sound like the people she's impersonating, she also channels them by wearing their signature look/accessories and even sports a wig for some of them. The video was uploaded earlier this week (Tuesday, 11/18) and is already nearing in on two millions views! Impressive, huh? Watch her hilariously impersonate A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, The Olsen Twins, and so many more!

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